Stress Reduction

In our society today, many are juggling their life and obligations, and experiencing increased stress levels. How do we step back, learn to take a breath, and look for healthy solutions to ease our stress levels?

Professionals recommend that we look at the following to help reduce stress:

  • Techniques to calm mood and promote positive attitude. Mediation, prayer, and breathing exercises all are cited as positive examples that can benefit an individual's stress levels.
  • Lifestyle factors. Are there changes or modifications in your life, sleep patterns, work schedules etc. that can be adjusted to decrease your stress levels?
  • Exercise. Increasing your exercise is shown to decrease stress as well as aid in overall health. Even adding 30 minutes a day can be beneficial.
  • Diet and Supplements can benefit and aid in overall health improvement. Vitamin C, vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, and B5 all aid in the decrease in the adrenals, thus aiding in the reduction of stress.
  • Supervised stress management programs lead by professionals can target your areas for improvement.
  • Biomedical medicine that has been shown to improve or reduce stress and support the adrenal function are: Chinese ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola, and Ashwagandha; Each of these supplements enhance the resistance to stress. Siberian ginseng is recommended for those suffering mild to moderate stress to reduce the symptoms significantly.
  • Changes in your diet like elimination of alcohol and caffeine, and refined carbohydrates aid to better health. Eating healthy planned meals establishes a healthy diet routine.

Taking healthy alternatives and time to breathe and reflect each day will all aid in a healthy well-being.