Do you love your smile? When you’re asked to smile for a photo, do you internally cringe or fight the urge to cover your teeth? When you catch yourself laughing in a window reflection when you’re on a date, do you suddenly become self-conscious? Did you know that there’s a non-invasive, painless solution? If you didn’t, we’re pleased to introduce you to Lumineers, Dallas dentistry’s solution for transforming your shy smile into a self-confident one!

Lumineers are the top porcelain veneers in the competitive veneer market for the following reasons:

  • They are quite thin while staying strong, so they are a long-term, very natural looking solution. The thinness of the veneer makes them look natural—undetectable, in fact.
  • It’s not just the thinness of the Lumineers Dallas dentists can provide; it’s also the composition and coloring of the material. They’ll work with you to get a natural tooth color that is bright, white, and suitable for your look without appearing false. This is easier to do because Lumineers are made with a translucent material, much like your real teeth!
  • Lumineers don’t stain. They’re not just a band-aid fix for discolored teeth. They’re a permanent fix. They’ll maintain their bright, clean, and healthy appearance indefinitely with proper maintenance.
  • They’re a good solution for sensitive teeth. If your teeth are sensitive to pressure or temperature, Lumineers can help protect them.
  • They’re quick, convenient, and non-invasive. There are various solutions to some of the challenges Lumineers help patients overcome, but almost all of them are more time-consuming, costly, or invasive. Perhaps the gap between your front teeth is just a cosmetic issue; why go through months or years of braces and invoices when you could have the problem fixed in two easy visits thanks to Lumineers?

What exactly are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a non-invasive, functional, and cosmetic approach to solving many common issues people have with their smiles. They look indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are made with a special strong, translucent porcelain that maintains its durability even as an ultra-thin shell. They’re better than traditional veneers in several ways thanks to this technology.

The thinness makes them look completely natural. Furthermore, traditional veneers often require drilling on your natural teeth, which can be painful. Lumineers require no injects and no drilling. Plus, since drilling isn’t required, they’re fully reversible, which is certainly not often the case with traditional veneers.

This special porcelain is known as Cerinate porcelain. Its patented properties are unique and essential to the success of Lumineers. It is exclusively manufactured in Santa Maria, California. It’s created by reinforcing feldspathic porcelain with leucite.

The leucite is essential because it helps to prevent cracking/crazing of the porcelain when it’s that thin. Lumineers can actually be as thin as a contact lens because of how strong this uniquely engineered porcelain is. This aspect directly reduces the need for extensive preparation, reduction of healthy tooth enamel, as well as anesthetic.

Furthermore, thermal expansion affects Lumineers less, which allows for more varied techniques, and prevents “pop-offs” or debonding after they’ve been successfully applied.

Traditional Veneers vs. Lumineers

Not all veneers are created equally. Lumineers are thin, strong, and long lasting. They’re also different than conventional veneers in the following ways:

  • Your natural tooth enamel doesn’t have to be damaged to apply Lumineers. Traditional veneers require drilling.
  • There’s no pain with Lumineer application, and therefore you don’t need shots or numbing.
  • Traditional veneers may require numerous office visits. Lumineers require as few as two, so you’ll have your new smile faster, and more conveniently.
  • Lumineers have been proven to keep their structural integrity for decades.
  • The porcelain Lumineer veneer is smoother than natural tooth enamel, which reduces the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. That means less risk of tooth decay.

Also, bear in mind that the Lumineers Dallas dentists recommend can also be purely functional. Perhaps you love your smile as it is, but you suffer from sensitivity, reduced enamel, or just plain worn dentition. Lumineers are designed in such a way that they can perfectly mimic your natural teeth. If you don’t want the appearance of your smile to change, it doesn’t have to. You can still protect and improve your teeth, without making a significant cosmetic change.

Your smile is one of the most important elements to a first impression. Being confident about your smile can make you a more confident person overall, freeing you from insecurity. Lumineers are, quite simply, the very solution. Why would you settle for anything less?