Thermal BioScan

Thermal BioScans are available for everyone! You are not required to be a current patient at Smile Ranch to take advantage of this service. We will be happy to send your report to any practitioner of your choice

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What is a Thermal BioScan?

  • The Thermal BioScan is a computer-based, whole-body screening that measures the function of various tissues and organs within the body. Full Body Thermography is designed for men, women, and children over 5 years of age and is gentle, painless, non-toxic and non-invasive. It has been cleared by the FDA as an adjunctive diagnostic technique.

  • An infrared probe is used to measure skin temperatures at 90-120 points on the body. These points are measured twice during the scan: at baseline and after a 10 minute cooling session.

  • The temperature differences are calculated by a sophisticated computer model that can reveal not only “hot spots” but also cool responses, temperature responses less than or more than expected and temperature responses that did not change after the cooling challenge. Provides information that cannot be found through any other testing method. See sample report data.

  • Data results of your screening will help identify patterns of disorder within the body. These patterns of disorder reveal hidden underlying root causes that need to be the focus of effective health action plans.

FDA Cleared Technology

FDA Cleared Technology

  • DEVICE NAME: AlfaSight 9000
  • Thermographic System Classification: Class I
  • Common Name: Telethermographic system
  • Classification: 21 C.F.R. § 884.2980 (adjunctive use)
  • Product Code: LHQ
  • Review Panel: Obstetrics/Gynecology

INTENDED USE: The AlfaSight 9000 is intended for the adjunct diagnosis of:

  • 1) abnormalities of the female breast;

  • 2) peripheral vascular disease;

  • 3) musculoskeletaldisorders;

  • 4) extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease;

  • 5) abnormalities of the thyroid gland; and

  • 6) various neoplastic and inflammatory conditions.

The AlfaSight 9000 is not intended to serve as a sole diagnostic screening procedure.

Thermal BioScan Procedure

Determining baseline temperature:

  • Skin temperature is measured at 90 - 120 specific points involving the face, neck, chest, abdomen, lower back, and the inner elbow crease.

  • Temperature readings are measured using a temperature probe, taking roughly 2 seconds at each point.

  • The temperature readings are transmitted to a computer program which records them.

  • This phase of testing takes approximately ten minutes.

Temperature challenge:

  • After the baseline measurements are completed, you will be asked to stand in only shorts or your underclothes for ten minutes
  • Exposing the tested skin areas to room temperature air for ten minutes will stimulate blood flow changes.

Determining post-challenge temperature:

  • After the ten minute cooling phase, the temperature of the specific points on the skin is measured again
  • Again, the values are recorded by the computer and they are compiled to determine if the skin temperatures changed in a healthy pattern

How does the Thermal BioScan reveal organ health?

  • This adjunct diagnostic tool provides a visible measurement of the Autonomic Nervous System, often the key to the causal factors of many diseases.

  • The Thermal BioScan tells us about the health of the body by measuring temperature changes at specific points on the skin.

  • Specific points on the skin surface measured during the scan are connected with specific internal organs via nerves from the spinal cord.

  • This nerve pathway is known as the viscerocutaneous reflex. Viscero means organ and cutaneous means skin. The reflex is a nerve pathway from the spinal cord that links specific organs to specific areas of the skin.

  • Organ dysfunction can be measured in patterns of temperature change of the skin connected to the organ via spinal nerves.

  • We use a simple temperature challenge to detect irregularities in the skin temperature changes in order to gain insight into the pathology that may be affecting the underlying organ.


  • Grounded in the established science of Regulation Thermography which has been used in Germany for more than 30 years

  • Also referred to as European Thermography, Computer Regulation thermography, Whole- Body Thermometry

  • A proven, accurate technology supported by more than 100,000 patient assessments

  • Clinically correlated with hundreds of MRI & CT Scans


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Thermal BioScan Overview

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