Smile Ranch Overview

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we offer a holistic and natural approach to general dentistry. Our family-like atmosphere and integrative approach to wellness make us more than just a regular dentist office.

5 Reasons Why We Practice Holistic Dentistry

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we are proud that we practice Holistic Dentistry. Holistic Dentistry is all about treating the whole patient, and not just focusing on the issue that brought you in. See 5 good reasons why to visit our practice for your dental health needs.

Are You Ready for Mercury Removal? Dr. Rebeca Gracia Explains Pre-Mercury Removal Assessments

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we take an integrative approach to overall wellness and dental health. That's why we work with Dr. Rebeca Gracia who is a PHARMD, board certified in toxicology and is trained in natural medicine. She helps people look at their whole health perspective from a whole body approach. This is especially important when it comes to mercury removal. At our practice, many patients come into our office seeking mercury removal, but not all are ready for the procedure. Before mercury removal, we use non-invasive tests to see the current mineral balance in your body, as well as other assessments to make sure you're ready for the procedure. From these initial tests to post-procedure support, we do everything we can to ensure safe and effective mercury amalgam removal.

Lisa Pfiefer's Journey to Smile Ranch Dentistry

Learn more about Smile Ranch Dentistry patient Lisa Pfiefer's journey, what brought her Smile Ranch, and the health issues she was facing that lead her to get dental work done. From gut issues to hormone issues, Lisa knew something was wrong but didn't know what. From getting a thermogram, to working with Dr. Abramczyk on her dental issues, she trusted Smile Ranch Dentistry to take a holistic approach to her overall health and wellness.

You Have The Right To Choose Homeopathy

Vaccine and Vaccine Injury

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we see patients come in who have experienced vaccine injury on a weekly basis. We feel an obligation to learn and study side effects of vaccinations and share information with our audience so that they can make the right choices for their family. At Smile Ranch, our philosophy is my baby my choice, your baby your choice.

Amalgam Removal: The History - The Procedure - The Truth

In this video, learn more about the history of Amalgam fillings and the dangers they pose. At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we practice safe amalgam removal and take a variety of steps before, during, and after the procedure to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff.

Chad's Vaccination Story

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we see patients come in who have experienced vaccine injury on a weekly basis. We feel an obligation to learn and study side effects of vaccinations and share information with our audience so that they can make the right choices for their family. At Smile Ranch, our philosophy is my baby my choice, your baby your choice.

Listen to Chad's story about his son, who passed away within 8 days of a vaccination. He was only 4 months old. Chad was offered money to keep quiet about what happened, but instead is turning this tragedy into a way to step forward and speak the truth.

Kelly's Vaccination Story

Kim's daughter, Kelly, was born healthy. She went into her pediatrician a couple weeks before her 2 month birthday to be vaccinated, and two weeks later Kelly died. In Kim's heart, she knew that a healthy baby does not just stop breathing, and she did her research to see what may have caused this tragedy. While there wasn't much information about vaccinations back then, she learned the truth about what vaccines did to her daughter 35 years later. Listen to Kim's story.

Gage's Vaccination Story

Gage was born in 2003 through c-section and had a variety of health issues. Gage was given asthma medication, antibiotics, and vaccinations, all through advice from doctors. While he was an overall sick child who had not had the best pregnancy term, his health rapidly declined after given a vaccination at 15 months old. All his language and strength he had developed since being born went away. Gage's family wants to help bring the vaccine issue to light and educate families to make the best choices for their children. Listen to Gage's story.

Smile Ranch Dentistry

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we offer a holistic and natural approach to general dentistry. We practice safe mercury removal, frenectomies and more in a relaxing environment. Visit us at today to learn more about our practice.

EMF Mitigation and Type 3 Diabetes

In this video, learn more about EMF mitigation and how it effects the body, including how it contributes to type 3 diabetes

Spirituality and the Power Of Words

In this video, Dr. Abramzcyk talks with Michale McNeal about the power of spirituality and words. There is power in our words, and we can effect each other's lives by speaking powerfully over each other.

Midwife Linda Turner Speaks About Frenectomy Results

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk speaks with Linda Turner, a midwife in the Heath, Texas area. Linda discusses prevalence with tongue tie in the babies she delivers and the improvements she has personally seen in her patients once a frenectomy is performed.

Delivered With Love Midwifery

In this video, Linda Turner with Delivered with Love Midwifery, discusses her birthing center and nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, that she offers to her moms in labor.

IV Sedation at Smile Ranch Dentistry

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk talks about anesthesia and answers concerns that patients may have about using anesthesia at the dentist.

Posture & Orthodontics

In this video, Dr. Darin Ward talks about how the posture of the mouth affects the movement of the teeth and jaw.

Overview of Faces without Braces

Learn more about the new orthodontic program that Dr. Darin Ward is bringing to Smile Ranch Dentistry.

When Should My Child See The Orthodontist?

Dr. Darin Ward talks about the right time to bring your child in to see an orthodontis

Darin Ward: Genetics vs Environment

In this video, Dr. Darin Ward from Faces without Braces talks about how both genetics and environment can affect jaw growth and the alignment of the teeth.

Thermal BioScan Procedure

In this video, Dr. Gracia explains the Thermal BioScan Procedure. It only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and can provide a comprehensive view of how your internal organs and systems are functioning. Watch this video to learn more about this easy procedure, and contact Smile Ranch Dentistry today to schedule your Thermal BioScan.

Smile Ranch Patient Interview

In this video, Jeff, a Smile Ranch Dentistry patient, speaks with Dr. Abramczyk about electromagnetic fields, also known as EMFs. Learn about some common sources of EMFs, and how you can help mitigate the effects of EMFs through lifestyle changes and supplements. At Smile Ranch, we take a holistic approach to dentistry that takes into account the health of the entire body, and are committed to helping our patients lead a healthy life. Visit us at today to learn more!

Thermal Bio Scans Overview

In this video, Dr. Rebeca Gracia talks about thermal bio scans. During these scans, we evaluate the teeth, gums, and the bones located in the dental area, along with the rest of the body. These scans show subclinical infections that a normal x-ray can't pick up, allowing us to detect early signs and symptoms of problem areas. These kinds of body scans allow us to see connections between the teeth and the health of the entire body. With this information, we can create a comprehensive dental plan for full body health. At Smile Ranch, we are excited to offer full body thermography scans for every patient. Learn more by visiting today!

Dental Health and Chronic Disease

In this video, Dr. Rebeca Gracia talks about the link between dental health and chronic disease. Through her study of thermograms, she's seen many linkages between dental work and chronic, long-term diseases in the body. From heart disease to rheumatoid arthritis, many of these long-term chronic conditions can be relieved though finding the root cause of these issues, and creating balance within the dental area. Learn more about the connection between dental health and overall health by watching this video and visit today to learn more about our practice.

Frenectomy Post Op

In this video, Michale Chatham, BSN LMT explains the frenectomy release post op period when you work with Smile Ranch Dentistry for your baby's release. On the same day that the release is done, Smile Ranch will work with you personally to come up with pain management strategies and to help you establish an exercise routine for the newly released tongue. We'll determine a customized post op exercise plan for your baby based on their age, unique breastfeeding issues, and what we've learned about your baby from our initial evaluation. We also advocate for conversation. We want to hear from you after the procedure to make sure the post op period is as successful as possible, and require a post op appointment with us one week after the release to check in. At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we address all your concerns about the post op period, and will work with you and your baby to help achieve optimal results from your release. Learn more by watching this video and visiting

The Concept of Bodywork - Why It Is Important

In this video, Michale Chatham, BSN LMT explains why bodywork is done in conjunction with a tongue tie release at Smile Ranch Dentistry. Bodywork prior to a release is imperative to see a good outcome, and the tongue is connected to many different parts of the body. At Smile Ranch, we take an integrative approach to dentistry that looks at the body as a whole. Learn more about how bodywork and a tongue tie release can help you and your baby breastfeed in the most optimal way. Learn more by watching this video and visiting


Learn more about self-care from Smile Ranch Dentistry! From practicing how to slow down, to finding ways to relax during stressful times, we'll give you a few ideas about how to slow down and practice self-care even when you have a busy schedule. At Smile Ranch, we take a holistic approach to dentistry that takes into account the health of the entire body, and managing stress and prioritizing self-care is something that can benefit your overall health.

Courage Family Testimonial

Watch this amazing testimonial from the Courage family. Their daughter Chloe had a tooth extraction from a general dentist in New Zealand that led to an infection, and she was given antibiotics to help treat the infection. However, she continued to suffer from issues such as headaches, impaired vision, and seizures. For two years, the Courage family struggled to find help from doctors who didn't know how to treat Chloe's symptoms.

The Courage family found Smile Ranch Dentistry, where we performed cavitation surgery and figured out how to treat the underlying problem that was causing her symptoms. Chloe finally saw relief from earaches, seizures, and other issues, and her family was grateful that Smile Ranch listened to their concerns, and found the treatment they had waited so long for.

Making Kraut with Angela Perry

In this video, Michale Chatham interviews Angela Perry about the fermentation of food and the benefits of eating fermented food, and she'll also show us how to easily make kraut at home! Angela Perry is a board certified holistic health practitioner and nutrition consultant at Health Empowered, LLC who loves working with the energy of food, and seeing how food can not only aid digestion, but can also help our mind, bodies, and souls.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of fermented food, and see how to make your own kraut! You can also learn more about Angela Perry by visiting

Angela Perry: How To Heal A Leaky Gut

In this video, Michale Chatham interviews Angela Perry about how to heal a leaky gut. Learn more about the protocol to take to promote gut health from a board-certified holistic health practitioner and nutrition consultant. From how to make your own bone broth, to the supplements you should add to your whole food diet, Angela will break down the top 5 things you should be doing to help heal your gut. Learn more by watching this video, and visit to see all of Angela's services.

Michale Chatham: Tongue Tie Results

In this video, Michale Chatham addresses the topic of mothers who have had their child go through a tongue tie release, but are still not seeing the results they are looking for. Some children see results very quickly after the procedure, while others take a longer time. In our new video series, we'll discuss what you can do after a tongue tie procedure to encourage positive results, and will also talk about how to detect what may be going on with children who are not seeing the results from a tongue tie procedure.

The Health Benefits Of Bone Broth

Learn more about bone broth from Smile Ranch Dentistry. We're proud to serve Epic bone broth in our waiting area every day, and it's something we recommend to many of our patients. It's a great way to help heal and seal up the gut, and it has many nutrients such collagen, minerals, and gelatin, and amino acids that help promote gut and overall health. At Smile Ranch, we encourage our patients to love their bodies by eating right, exercising, and incorporating an ancestral diet into their daily lives.

Dr. Rebecca Gracia on Root Canals

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk and Dr. Rebecca Gracia from the Thermography Center share information about how root canals and oral health play a large role in the health of the entire body. Throughout her time at the Thermography Center, Dr. Rebecca Gracia has seen a strong correlation between root canals and cancers, arthritis, digestive issues, and breast cancer specifically. Root canals can put a significant amount of stress on the immune system, increasing inflammation in the body and causing many other health issues. This makes it important to seek a general dentist that uses a holistic approach that takes the health of the entire body into account.

The Weston A. Price Diet and Getting Back To The Basics

Dr. Abramczyk and blog writer Michael McNeal discuss some of the spiritual principles of the Weston A. Price diet, and talk about how getting back to the basics of a healthy diet, physical movement, and spirituality can do amazing things for your health. From slowing down and connecting with your family around a delicious meal at the dinner table, to reaching out and helping those in your community when they're in need, we'll speak about the importance with connecting with those around you and creating a community in which you can make healthy choices. See how getting back to the basics can help you lead a healthy, active, and balanced life.

Mercury Amalgam Removal

Learn more about Mercury Amalgam Removal from Dr. Abramczyk and Smile Ranch Dentistry. Mercury is the most toxic nonradioactive element in the world, and amalgam silver fillings are comprised of approximately 50% mercury. When mercury is released from these fillings, it can cause a variety of health issues due to how mercury interacts with the nervous system such as head fog, immunity issues, and more.

At Smile Ranch, we offer mercury removal and follow a very strict protocol established by the IAOMT to ensure the health and safety of our patients and doctors. We take many precautions to make sure our patients are not exposed to mercury during the removal process while also making sure our patients are comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Abramczyk is both accredited and smart-trained by the IAOMT, and takes a holistic approach to dentistry that takes into account the health of the entire body. Watch this video to learn more about the mercury removal procedure at Smile Ranch, and hear testimonials from real Smile Ranch mercury removal patients.

Thermography For Breast Cancer Detection

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we interviewed Dr. Rebecca Gracia from the Thermography Center about the difference between mammograms and thermograms. Thermograms are a radiation-free way to view the health of the breasts and body, and can detect changes in the body up to 8-10 years earlier than traditional testing methods including mammograms. To learn more about the Thermography Center visit

Mercury Toxicity

Learn more about mercury toxicity and its effect on the nervous system from Smile Ranch Dentistry, a general dentistry that takes a holistic approach. Amalgam fillings contain about 50% mercury, which can cause health issues including fatigue and brain fog, thyroid issues, gut issues, and more due to the way mercury effects the nervous system. Learn more about the science behind the negative symptoms people can experience from mercury exposure, and contact Smile Ranch Dentistry today to learn more about our practice.


In this video, Dr. Abramczyk, a board certified naturopath, and Cathy Lemmon, a certified homeopath who has been studying homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis for over 20 years, talk about alternatives to vaccines and how a homeoprophylaxis can help you take a non-toxic approach to disease prevention. They'll discuss common concerns about vaccines, as well as the background of homeoprophylaxis. Homeoprophylaxis is safe and nontoxic, and has been researched and in use for more than 200 years, and is still being introduced to the United States. They'll also touch on vaccine injury, and how homeopathy is trying to create an approach to help heal injuries caused by vaccines.

Watch this video to learn more about homeoprophylaxis or visit

Angela Perry - Health Empowered

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk speaks with Angela Perry, an incredible holistic health practitioner. Angela focuses on nutrition and works with food as medicine, and also practices energy therapy. Learn more about energy flow and voltage and the roles they play in healing the body, and visit to request a free consultation with Angela.

Post Frenectomy Stretches

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we perform Frenectomies and want our patients to receive the best care post-procedure to see the greatest results. We recommend working with a bodyworker, IBCLC, and performing post-frenectomy exercises to make sure the wound heals properly.

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk demonstrates the post-frenectomy exercises we recommend. Watch this video to learn more about these exercises and how frequently to perform them after the frenectomy.

Colloidal Silver

Learn more about Colloidal Silver, an antimicrobial that we use at Smile Ranch Dentistry. We use Argentyn 23, but it's also possible to make your own Colloidal Silver. Whether you use it directly on the site of an infection or as a supplement, Colloidal Silver has powerful antibiotic properties that can help heal and prevent infections.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use Colloidal Silver in a safe and effective way. If you're making your own Colloidal Silver, it's important you take the necessary steps and use the right materials to make sure you are using Colloidal Silver safely.


Learn more about Nattokinase, which is also known as the "clot buster". It's recommended for patients with a history of heart issues and even strokes, as well as patients with arterial plaque or buildup.

Nattokinase also helps to break up biofilm within the body, which is often found in the oral cavity and can contain harmful material. Nattokinase can help prevent viral and health issues caused by this biofilm by clearing away harmful bacteria so that there is a smaller bacterial load in the mouth.

From improving circulation issues to clearing up biofilm build up, we recommend speaking with your doctor to learn more about Nattokinase and to see if it's something you should add to your daily health routine.

Raw Diets

In this video, our blog writer Michael McNeal shares how to safely transition to a raw or vegan diet while maintaining a healthy calorie intake. Learn what a day in the life looks like for Michael, and get some tips on how to create a balanced diet. At Smile Ranch, we support all types of diets and encourage our patients to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Miguel Hennigan Testimonial

At Smile Ranch Dentistry we practice with a biological and integrative approach, and use Young Living essential oils in our office to help create a relaxing environment for all our patients. Hear a testimonial from one of our favorite patients, Miguel Hennigan, and learn more about a couple of the products we offer at Smile Ranch Dentistry.

Cannabidiol Oil

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk speaks with Nathan Tamaro about the amazing uses for Cannabidiol Oil. Learn about the different ways to use CBD oil, how CBD oil works within your body, and just a few of the health issues CBD oil can help with. From anxiety and depression to helping prevent disease, CBD oil can bring the body and immune system into balance to promote overall health and wellness.

About Z-Systems

Learn more about Z-Systems, a company that develops high-quality metal free dental implants. With over 10 years clinical experience, Z-Systems uses a special zirconium oxide bio-ceramic that provides a aesthetic, healthy, and safe alternative to other types of implants. Learn more about Z-Systems by watching this video!

Your Body Is A Temple

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we are focused on treating the body as a temple by taking a holistic approach to dentistry that takes into account the health of the entire body. We believe the body is a temple that's a gift from God, and that it should be treated with care so that you can serve yourself and others. Watch this video to learn more about how to take care of your body by getting back to nature.

Organic Lifestyle

Learn what living an organic lifestyle really means. From the foods we eat to the clothes we wear, we can incorporate organic alternatives into our life in many ways. We’ll go into what the word “organic” really means, and how living a more chemical-free life can improve many health issues that are commonly seen today. Learn more about how to live a healthy and organic life.

What Are Chemtrails?

What are chemtrails? In our latest video, we’ll discuss what chemtrails are made of, the common conspiracy theories surrounding this hot topic, and how chemtrails can affect our health and wellbeing. We’ll also share ways to help avoid pollution from chemtrails.

Amie Palo, Certified Health Coach

In this video, Amie Palo, a certified holistic health coach, shares how she helps people lead healthier, happier lives from the inside out. She helps her clients in many ways, from teaching them about nutrition and showing them how to grocery shop for healthier choices, to helping people adopt a more positive mindset, Amy is passionate about helping her clients find the right lifestyle for them. Through her holistic approach to health and wellness, Amie helps clients improve their energy, balance, health, and happiness. Learn more about Amie by visiting, and start living your best life today!

Cannabidiol vs Marijuana

In this video, we'll discuss the hot topic of medicinal marijuana. Many people have questions about its uses, its legality, and whether its good or bad. We'll provide further details on cannabidiol oil (also known as CBD oil) which can be used to calm the nervous system as an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory. and even anti-seizure aid. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits medicinal marijuana can provide.

What is Thermography?

Dr. Abramczyk speaks with Dr. Rebecca Garcia about thermography and what information thermograms can provide. Thermography can catch changes in the body earlier than other forms of testing, and looks at the underlying function of all the major organs in the body. Learn more about full body thermograms, what a thermogram procedure is like, and how the health of the teeth and mouth have an effect on the health of the entire body. For more information visit

How NuCalm Works

Dr. Abramczyk speaks with her NuCalm representative Michelle Weakland about how NuCalm works, and how it can create a more relaxed and calm experience at the dentist's office. NuCalm mimics the body's natural process for deep relaxation. Learn more about how NuCalm works by watching this video.

For Babies' Sake

Dr. Abramczyk speaks with Mellanie Sheppard, IBCLC, RLC of For Babies' Sake. The primary focus of For Babies' Sake is working with babies who are having problems breastfeeding, and Mellanie sees many patients who have sought the help of nurses and lactation consultants in the past but are still having issues. Dr. Abramczyk recommends that her frenectomy patients speak with an IBCLC prior to a release to get a full understanding of the breastfeeding issues at hand. Learn the importance of seeing an IBCLC, and visit to learn more about For Babies Sake.

Smile Ranch Dentistry and VOCO Representative Liz Clark

At Smile Ranch, we are dedicated to using holistic therapies and place biocompatible materials in our patients' mouths. We use dental materials from VOCO, a company that’s on the leading edge of innovation in dental material. More specifically, we use a composite called GrandioSO that’s 99.5% allergy resistant, metal-free, and natural-looking for an aesthetic and safe alternative to traditional composite fillings. Learn more about the biocompatible materials we use in our office from our VOCO representative Liz Clark.

Frenectomy Testimonial

This nursing dyad had a rough start to breastfeeding after the child was clipped by an ENT. After seeing no improvement and receiving poor post-freneceomy instructions, they ended up at Smile Ranch where Dr. Abramczyk performed a release. After their visit, the mother expected symptoms to quickly improve after the release but it took a little time to see progress. It’s been 13 months and they are nursing strong!

Patient Testimonial: NuCalm

A patient shares her wonderful experience at Smile Ranch Dentistry using the NuCalm system. The NuCalm system uses neuroscience technology to help patients relax during procedures, making their dentist appointments more enjoyable and calm. Learn more about the NuCalm system by watching this video.

Mercury Removal Testimonial

View this amazing testimonial from a patient who came to Smile Ranch Dentistry to get her mercury fillings removed. This patient was diagnosed with immune diseases and struggled with low energy levels, chest pains, anxiety and more. She’s seen incredible improvement in her health after having a mercury removal procedure at Smile Ranch Dentistry, and is excited to continue her journey to health.

Frenectomy Testimonial

Listen to this amazing frenectomy testimonial from a Smile Ranch patient's mother. After her two children had frenectomy procedures they were able to eat and breath more easily, and had improved speech.

Home Births vs. Hospital Births: Interview With Delivered With Love Midwifery

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS speaks with Linda Turner from Delivered With Love Midwifery about the differences between home births, hospital births, and birthing centers. Linda Turner addresses some common concerns about home births and explains the benefits of home births. Learn more by watching this video, and visiting

Frenectomy Testimonial: Kaitlyn and Alistair

In this video, Kaitlyn, Alistair's mom, shares their incredibly difficult struggles with breastfeeding and recovery after his frenectomy. What started as one frustration after another ended in a wonderful success that will have a lifelong result.

What is Arvigo Therapy?

In this video Jana Powers, a fertility specialists at Power House of Wellness talks about how she takes an integrative approach to infertility treatments using Arvigo Therapy. Arvigo Therapy can help enhance health and wellness throughout the life cycle for women, men, and children, and can improve the body’s ability to self-repair and balance. Learn more about the Arvigo technique and the symptoms and conditions that it can help address by visiting

Dr. Jenna Webster-Zellars, D.C.

In this video, Dr. Webster shows how she works with babies post frenectomy. She shows her technique which Dr. Abramczyk DDS recommends pre and post frenectomy due to the documented success of her patients and those of her colleagues.

What is Permaculture?

What is permaculture? In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS interviews Nicholas Burtner of the School of Permaculture about the different parts of permaculture including housing, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Frenectomy Testimonial

This mother was told her baby didn’t have tongue ties, and she and her baby both struggled for months with nursing issues. Her instincts led her to Smile Ranch, where Dr. Abramczyk DDS performed a frenectomy. Watch this video to listen to their amazing testimony and journey of breastfeeding success.

Interview with Dr. Mary Chalmers

Mary Ellen S. Chalmers, DMD is a dentist in Santa Rosa, CA, practicing Integrative and Functional Dental Medicine, which incorporates Functional Medicine principles and practices with the art and science of Dentistry. Dr. Chalmers received her dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1980 and became Board Certified Naturopath (BCNP) in 2010 by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, with training from the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry (IBDM). She has augmented her studies with extensive training in traditional dental modalities, as well as Functional Medicine. She has advanced trained in Oxygen and Ozone Therapy and its applications in dentistry as well as Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and Advanced Practice Modules through Institute for Functional Medicine. In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS speaks with Mary about the need to better address individual patients’ systemic needs to tailor treatment plans that are right for their overall health.

Tact Air Ionizer

Dr. Abramczyk DDS is accredited through the IAOMT for safe amalgam removal and follows their safety protocol when removing mercury from patients' mouths. She goes above and beyond what the IAOMT requires. The Tact Air Ionizer is an added layer of protection for her patients and dental team. Listen as she discusses with Dean McMurty about the added safeguards provided by the ionizer she utilizes in her office.

My Magic Mud

My Magic Mud is a detoxifying tooth powder that naturally whitens and polishes teeth, deeply cleans and removes toxins, and reduces tooth sensitivity. It is lab verified to be safe for teeth enamel, and contains all natural ingredients. We carry My Magic Mud at Smile Ranch Dentistry, and recommend it as an alternative to tradition, toxic teeth whitening treatments. Watch this video to learn more about how My Magic Mud works, and pick some up today!

Thermograms vs. Mammograms

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Dr. Abramczyk DDS speaks with Julie Clowers and Monica Jaynes, nurse practitioners and board certified naturopaths at Living Springs, about thermography and the risks associated with mammograms. Mammograms utilize radiation which can increase the risk of cancer over time. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of using Thermography to detect breast cancer, and what you can do to improve your breast health and decrease your risk of breast cancer naturally.

Charlie Brown and the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry

Dr. Abramczyk DDS interviews Charlie Brown, Esquire, on Federal and State legislation in the fight against mercury. Mr. Brown is the lawyer and president of the World Alliance For Mercury-Free Dentistry, and has spearheaded the Minamata Convention on Mercury. Watch this video to learn more about the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry set up by Consumers for Dentistry, and to see how you can help by insisting mercury-free dentistry, such as the dentistry practiced at Smile Ranch.

Different Types of Vaccines

Do you know what’s inside your vaccines? In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS and Michael McNeal talk about the three different types of vaccines, and the kinds of preservatives they contain. Watch this video to learn more about the toxicity of vaccinations, and how to take a more natural approach to defending your body from viruses.

Mercury Toxicity

Did you know that approximately 50% of dentists in the United States still place mercury fillings? Mercury is known to be the most toxic non-radioactive element, and it’s toxicity can lead to many health issues. In this video, we’ll talk about the history of mercury fillings, and the importance of finding a mercury-safe dentist. At Smile Ranch, we follow a strict protocol to insure mercury is removed safety, and recommend supplements to help move mercury out of the body. Watch this video to learn more about the toxicity of mercury!

Dr. Abramczyk DDS Interviews Dr. Tom McGuire on the Dangers of Dental Mercury

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS interviews Dr. Tom McGuire on the dangers of dental mercury. Dr. Tom McGuire has been a mercury-free and mercury-safe, dentist for over 30 years and is an innovator and leader in holistic dental wellness. He has also spent the last 10 years researching mercury amalgam fillings and studying their effects on overall health. Watch this video to learn more about the dangers of dental mercury, and see why visiting a mercury-safe dentist like Smile Ranch is important for your health.

Glutathione for Mercury Detoxification

In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS and Michael McNeal discuss glutathione, an antioxidant that plays an important role in detoxification of mercury. At Smile Ranch, we recommend glutathione to patients who are considering mercury removal, or going through getting a mercury filling removed. Learn more about glutathione and how to detox your body after a mercury removal procedure!

Dr. Dave Regiani and Dr. Abramczyk DDS Discuss The Dangers of Mercury Removal

Dr. Dave Regiani, DDS, NMD, practices holistic and biological therapies in Michigan, and has been practicing since 1978. He discusses with Dr. Abramczyk DDS the dangers of mercury and types of exposures patients are exposed to during removal. Dr. Regiani is highly respected and an expert in holistic, biological and integrative therapies.

Interview With Michael McNeal

Diet plays an important role in overall health, and can help you heal your teeth naturally. I interviewed my friend Michael McNeal, who has been studying nutrition for 7 years, about the benefits of and differences between Vegan and Weston Price diets. Watch this video to learn more about these diets, and to hear Michael’s nutritional tips and recommendations!

The Healing Effects of Amber on Babies

In this video, the mother of one of Smile Ranch Dentistry’s patients describes how the anti-inflammatory effects of amber helped her baby recover and heal after her frenectomy at Smile Ranch Dentistry.

Frenectomy Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions

Please watch this video before your frenectomy appointment with Dr. Abramczyk DDS to learn more about frenectomy, and to see what you should be doing before and after a frenectomy procedure at Smile Ranch Dentistry.

Smile Ranch Dentistry and For Babies' Sake

I had the opportunity to speak with Deirdre Cannon, a lactation consultant with For Babies' Sake. In this video, she explains what to expect after a tongue and/or lip tie is released, and her recommendations on how to use homeopathic medicine for pain management and the fussiness babies may experience after the procedure. Watch this video to learn more about how to develop a healthy breastfeeding relationship with your baby!

Mercury Removal Protocol For Patients

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we care about our patient’s health and wellbeing, and take many steps to ensure their safety during a mercury removal procedure. In this video, Dr. Abramczyk DDS describes the protocol she recommends to her patients the day of a mercury removal procedure to further protect them from the minor amount of mercury exposure that takes place. Watch this video to learn more about the products she recommends patients take, and their detoxifying properties.

Baltic Essentials Interview

I had the opportunity to talk with the business owner of Baltic Essentials, who creates stunning pieces of jewelry using healing materials including Baltic Amber. Baltic Amber has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help relieve symptoms of teething babies, soothe arthritis pain, and help with many other types of everyday pain. Learn more about the amazing healing properties of this jewelry, and share how you use Baltic Amber’s healing properties in your life!

Breastfeeding Journey

Dr. Abramczyk DDS interviews a patient about her breastfeeding journey, and how she suffered from bleeding nipples and severe pain. She came to Smile Ranch looking for help, and after releasing the baby’s lip and tongue ties, her suffering disappeared and her baby is thriving!

Mercury Fillings Removal Protocol

Doctor Robyn Abramczyk DDS of Smile Ranch Dentistry discusses the dangers of mercury fillings and safe practices for their removal.

Ozone Therapy

Dr. Abramczyk DDS interviews Board Certified Naturopath and nurse practitioner Monica Jaynes of Living Springs in Heath, Texas about the practice of Ozone Therapy.

Gut Health - Part 2

Dr. Abramczyk DDS interviews Dominique Robinson at Rockwall Colonics in her two-part series on gut health. Ms. Robinson discusses what patients can expect and the variety of holistic services she offers.

Mercury Intoxication

Dr. Abramczyk DDS discusses the different forms of mercury, what sources they come from and how they move through the body. She highlights how one can properly test for mercury toxicity and safely detoxify the body.

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal with Doctor Robyn Abramcyzk

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we take great care to protect our patients and ourselves when removing harmful mercury amalgam from fillings. Watch Doctor Robyn Abramcyzk discuss the tools and proper procedure for extracting harmful materials from dental fillings.


Dr. Robyn Abramcyzk asks Steve, a satisfied patient, about the health benefits he enjoyed after the removal of his mercury amalgam fillings. The benefits include decreased joint pain as well as an increase in energy and concentration.


Mercury is a powerful poison and if you have amalgam (silver) fillings you are being poisoned by them every day. Dr. Tom McGuire's 'Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth' Video demonstration proves that more mercury vapor is released by brushing a silver amalgam filling than is allowed by governmental regulatory agencies at the workplace.

Dr. McGuire's video also describes the symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning and how to find a mercury safe dentist.

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This video is an interview from dentist Dr. Marvin with Randy Alvarez, the leader in medical news and information. Dr. Marvin talks about the importance of holistic and natural practice. He informs us how mercury fillings are dangerous for the body as well as root canals and explains the healthy alternatives of holistic therapies.


24 years ago, “60-Minutes” aired an episode about dental amalgam fillings questioning it’s use in dentistry. That was just after mercury had been removed from latex paint because of toxicity. 24 years later, and dentists are still placing and advocating for the use of mercury in dentistry.

The argument? Uninformed dentists say that chronic exposure to mercury at low levels does NOT harm your health… they argue that only acute toxicity matters, despite the scientific evidence that chronic exposure to mercury — a neuro-toxin — will cause health problems. Supporters of mercury say that there is no “scientific evidence that the mercury from fillings can cause health problems” and they want double-blind studies to prove it, despite the studies that have shown the harmful effects of mercury (dentists somehow believe that mercury in your mouth is different from mercury anywhere else — it’s safer… because they say so).


Do you still have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth? If you haven’t seen this, then now is a good time to watch this 5 minute video. It’s a study showing the destructive damage of mercury to a brain neuron. Mercury is one of the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man.