A Good Storm Clears the Air

After waking up this morning to a massive storm that blew through our town, I was inspired to write this blog. While I was growing up, my stepmom, who I liked to call my spiritual mom, Doris, used to tell me that a good storm clears the air. She taught me this lesson through the context of arguments and debates between two people. She and my dad were very strong people, and would often get into some really strong discussions, but out of those confrontations came clarity and peace. In our society today, I think that we are taught to not confront one another especially in light of social media and texting. Today I want us to learn about healthy confrontation and how this can radically change your life. This blog goes out to you Mamma Doris.

Confrontation or Quiet?

In life we are presented with these options many times, but how do we determine when we should confront something or leave it alone?

  • First, we should take a look at ourselves. What do I mean by this? If we don’t have the courage to confront the issues or secrets sins and judge ourselves, then how will be able to do it in other people?
  • I would suggest that we first do this by asking the Lord to show us what we need to confront. I had things at 7 and 8 years old that I took care of at 16.
  • The main scripture to support this is Matthew 7:2
  • When we allow the Lord to bring something up we haven’t dealt with he does it in love to set us free.
  • When we have dealt internally then we will be mature enough to confront in love.

There are times however that we are to remain quiet and not confront. We have to use discernment to determine if we should get involved or not. I don’t know about you, but I have tried to help in certain situations and got totally burned, so pray and really think about each situation before getting involved.

Afraid to Confront?

If we are afraid to confront then as a parent, we will teach our kids the same behavior. Let’s face it; life is not a leave it to beaver life. So if we pretend that life is all hunky dory, we are fighting behind the scenes and behind closed doors. Then we are setting up this next generation to be afraid to confront and believe that living a fake life is a true life.

  • I am so happy that my parents chose to not keep their fights or arguments a secret. In my life, I was able to confront in a healthy way.
  • So this is me encouraging you to not be afraid to confront because remember peace will come once it’s done
  • A scripture that a lot of people have trouble understanding is Matthew 10:34 - this scripture is words from our Lord and he says that he didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword. He comes to cut away those things that keep use in bondage and set us free. Paul said in the word that when the Lord saved us should we continue in our sin and he said God forbid.
  • So let’s let the Lord cut away and separate those things in our lives we don’t need.

Stand Up And Learn To Say NO!

Very simply we need to learn to say no. This is a huge way to begin to clear up any disagreements and confront things we don’t want in our lives.


I like to think that these blogs feed the Spirit, Soul, and Body. These topics are things that herbs and vitamins can’t help. As we practice things above we can reduce stress and have more peace of mind in our everyday lives. Stay tuned to the next blog where we will be discussing food diversity.