Advanced Oral Health Care

In my previous blog we discussed the importance of our daily oral healthcare routine. In this blog, we are going to explore more advanced techniques to take care of your oral cavity. These techniques require you to work with a general dentist who uses the highest standards of holistic therapies in their practice. At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we take great pride in being truly holistic and encompass holistic methods throughout our practice. So what does it mean to be holistic? Using nontoxic substances, no fluoride, no drills, proper procedures and holistically-minded professionals. At Smile Ranch, you can rest assured you are working with a very experienced holistic professional, as some of these techniques can be harmful to the body.

Mercury Removal

Let’s talk about how this toxic metal can absolutely wreak havoc on the body. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, and it’s used in the mouth! If you have mercury amalgams in your mouth you need to get them removed. Mercury vaporizes in your mouth and can start a whole host of terrible symptoms.

  • You need to find a dentist that practices a safe mercury removal. Please use this as a reference to find a dentist in your area
  • The reference above will go into great detail about the procedure and safe techniques.
  • If you are in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, come see me at Smile Ranch Dentistry for your mercury removal.

Drill Free Laser Techniques

In dentistry the most feared of all is that nasty drill. I would hate going to the dentist knowing that the drill was going to penetrate my mouth and cause a lot of pain. In the world of advanced technology, we now have the option to use a cold laser that won’t cause pain when extracting the decayed part of the tooth. I had this procedure done and I was completely in shock - no flinching or squirming around in the chair while my decayed tooth was being extracted!

  • Try and find a drill free dentist in your area that is an expert at using lasers.
  • A biological approach to dentistry, like what we practice at Smile Ranch, is the belief that we need to preserve the living bone structure of the mouth.


I hope the information above will inspire you to move from the conventional model of dentistry to the new model of a biological approach to dentistry. It’s time to support the dentists who are on the cutting edge of the practice and help change the model of conventional dentistry.