Astaxanthin carotenoids


Dr. Robyn Abramczyk discusses Astaxanthin - an antioxidant that provides amazing health benefits.

Astaxanthin: The King Of Carotenoids

In my 7 years of studying dentistry I have never come across a nutritional substance that can impact the body in such a dramatic and unique way as astaxanthin can. Let me introduce you to a family of substances called carotenoids – a class of antioxidants that are pigments of color found in plants. The colors in raw fruits and vegetables are now being studied as viable medicine for the whole body and astaxanthin is at the forefront of them all.

The Many Benefits of Astaxanthin

  • Joint Health (A natural cox2 inhibitor suppresses nitric oxide prostaglandin E2 and CRP (C Reactive Protein.)
  • Skin Health (Antioxidants have been shown to reduce wrinkles and improve the skins moisture.)
  • Reduced Fatigue & Exercise Recovery (The unique power of the antioxidants to reduce inflammation, helps your body recover from exercise and keeps the body’s energy from being robbed by inflammatory responses after exercise.)
  • Immune Health (Most Americans have an excess of toxicity through poor diet, lack of physical activity and dehydration that burdens the immune system and hinders its ability to function properly. Astaxanthin has the ability to help toxic substances like mercury process through the kidneys safely to be removed from the body boosting your.
  • Eye Health (The antioxidant effect on the eyes has a profound effect on preventing diseases like macular degeneration.)

My Personal Astaxanthin Story

I have used Astaxanthin for the past 6 years of my nutritional journey. I am a very fair skinned individual and burn easily in the sun. When I heard about the UV protective benefits I started taking 4mg a day each day. Little did I know that I would reap so many other benefits from this magical substance my skin and acne scars started to fade I got a healthy pink glow to my skin and I wasn’t sore after I worked out hard. I cannot recommend this supplement enough. The recommended dosage is from 4mg to 12mg a day. I have since worked my way up to 12mg a day and reap the health benefits with no side effects.

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Stay tune for more exciting information in the next blog - it’s all about our vampire repelling friend garlic.