Autism Rising

Today I want to share with much anger, love and passion in my heart on an issue that at one time in history was rare but now is an epidemic in America and that’s autism. Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability that usually develops before the age of 3. Now we live in a day where 1 in 68 children have some form of autism and the numbers continue to rise. I am writing this blog to educate you and your family about what you can do to help reverse these numbers and support your loved ones who have autism. I want to say that kids with autism are incredible! They are smart and compassionate. The parents of kids with autism my heart and prayers go out to you as you are strong and your love is deep I pray you're refreshed by this blog and encouraged in your walk taking care of such special kids. So let’s look at the causes, potential cures, and the future of autism in America.


Now some of the things I list are going to be very controversial and I want to let you know that currently there is no medical detection or cure for autism according to the National Institutes of Health. I want to let you know that these causes are from stories of real moms and dads who give their lives to speak about what they believed played a role in the development of their child’s autism.


There have been stories of children who are perfectly healthy and normal and after one or two rounds of vaccinations, they become autistic overnight. Now you are probably asking yourself why? What link do vaccines and autism have?

  • Vaccines contain high amounts of a vaccine preservative called thimerosal which is a mercury based preservative. This mercury substance can destroy the nervous system and brain in one foul swoop. Now I know this sounds far-fetched but let’s take a look at what mercury can do to your body.


  • Mercury can disrupt the entire CNS or central nervous system causing psychological, neurological, and immunological problems. Mercury’s positive oxidant nature tends to accumulate and in the tissues and brain.
  • If we can look into vaccine alternatives we can avoid this major rise in autism. I recommend you check out our YouTube channel and look up a video entitled Different types of vaccines where doctor Robyn and I will educate you on different types of vaccines.


  • I want to mention that cleaning up the diet and following a lot of our previous blogs on adding greens, cleansing, and reducing toxicity will help you prevent or help autism.
  • They are a lot of metals, pesticides, and herbicides in conventional produce and processed foods that can contribute to heavy metal toxicity.
  • I recommend that you check out Mike Adams site where you can find foods and supplements tested for metals.

Potential Cures:

The first thing I want to say about a cure is that you have to believe that when doctors speak death sentences into your life to not believe them. There are too many alternatives out there to try to believe that once diagnosed you can’t be healed. The whole reason for these blogs is to educate you to the alternatives out there.

Donna gates body ecology diet is a great place to start to help support the body to heal autism. This diet will remove gluten, toxins, and improve the gut and brain. Check out to get started on this new diet.

There are no one size fits all cures but the majority of moms and dads see a great improvement by changing the diet and adding supplements to heal the gut.

  • Chelation therapy to remove heavy metals.
  • Healthy fats like fermented cod liver oil and grass-fed butter.
  • Neurological based chiropractic work and light therapy.

The future of Autism:

My hope is that as people become educated and try natural and alternative treatments we can bring the numbers of Autism down in America. I want to encourage everyone out there to help support in any way possible. We all can make a difference in our communities by sharing information like this and taking steps in our lives to help or prevent this disability.