dr. robyn abramczyk biological dentist


Dr. Robyn Abramczyk DDS discusses the benefits of biological therapies and how oral health can affect the entire body.

Dentists who take a biological approach recognize the oral-systemic connection and treat their patients accordingly. Meaning, the mouth is intrinsically connected to the body and oral infections affect the body in dangerous, negative ways. If there is an untreated and persistent oral infection in the gums, the bacteria can [directly affect] deteriorate the [bone] tooth and lead to bone loss or periodontal disease. Many patients new to biological dentistry do not realize that the bacteria in the mouth enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the entire body. Periodontal disease and poor oral health have [has] been linked to pre-term births, stroke, respiratory disease, heart disease, diabetes, gastric ulcers, osteoporosis and arthritis. Caution should be used with patients who have prostheses (artificial joint, orthopedic plates/ pins, internal defibrillator) or patients who have had a recent heart attack or heart surgery. Infections in the mouth are easily transmittable and can quickly move to your significant other and children. It is very important to maintain good oral health and recognize the impact that oral microorganisms have on the body.

Every organ in the body is connected to specific teeth or regions in the oral cavity and is connected through meridians. Blocks or scars such as root canals, mercury fillings, tooth decay, trauma, sinus or jaw infections can impede the normal energy flow and lead to pathologies in the organ on that tooth meridian.

At Smile Ranch Dentistry, We Only Use Biocompatible Materials – No Flouride!

Materials used in dentistry can be toxic; therefore, dentists who use biological therapies choose to restore and heal teeth with biocompatible materials. Patients may choose to undergo testing to determine exactly what filling or crown material would be most compatible with their body. In my practice, I use a filling material comprised of organic particles and no fluoride. The crowns I place are made of zirconia or porcelain, not toxic heavy metals. Based on research, fluoride is a known neurotoxin and has not shown to statistically reduce cavities. Other safe, non-toxic options exist that can help heal and re-mineralize teeth.

Mercury Removal and Detoxification

Lastly, we utilize the latest technology in biological therapies to remove previously placed toxic fillings and crowns to reduce our patient and staff’s exposure to the harmful effects of those restorations. We follow very strict protocols when removing mercury fillings and coach our patients on how to safely and appropriately detoxify from mercury. When removing mercury fillings from our patients, we drape the patient and place them on positive pressure oxygen, isolate the mouth with a specialized isolation/ suction device, isolate the specific tooth with a nitrile dental dam, place a specialized high suction device to remove mercury as it is being excavated, external vacuum and ionizer. The mercury is sectioned in large chunks with a carbide bur and the surface is irrigated thoroughly for one minute once the mercury is removed. The nitrile dam is removed, gloves are changed and the dental instruments and surfaces are wiped down with specialized Mercon wipes to remove excess debris. Contaminants are disposed of carefully in a hazardous waste drum and the mercury that is suctioned is removed with an amalgam separator. The doctor and staff take precautions as well to ensure health and safety for all.