Cancer Fueled By Sugar

Many of us have seen a loved one suffer from cancer. Cancer to me is one of the most devastating diseases, and I hope what I write today can help support you in your health journey. I have had personal friends and family overcome cancer naturally, and I want you to know that you can overcome the condition, and to not lose hope and keep fighting. The first step is to believe you can be healed. The next step is to start on a journey of changing your diet and lifestyle to allow your body to heal itself. About 7 years ago, I became aware of a researcher named Doug Kaufman who was in the medical corps in the navy, who wrote a book called The Fungus Link. Doug Kaufman made the claim that cancer is a fungus that can be fueled by a diet high in sugar. While this may sound far-fetched, there is truth to this statement. Let’s explore how cancer can be fueled by sugar, and see how we can remove sugar from our diets.

Cancer Cells Eat Sugar

I’ll explain why I believe this statement is true.

  • Cancer cells have a metabolism that runs on glucose and lactic acid. A sugar-filled environment can cause cancer cells to thrive and replicate, making conditions worse.
  • Conventional medicine will say that eating sugar doesn’t effect cancer, but I think they are wrong. If you’re anything like me, you will begin to trust your personal experiences over some of these funded studies that dismiss valid clinical research from holistic practitioners.
  • Sugar is what I call an antinutrient. It robs the body of vital nutrients so the body can’t handle the increase in the insulin response and pancreas.
  • This leads me to believe that eating sugar while having any form of cancer can speed up cancer symptoms, and allow cancer to thrive.

Removing Sugar From Your Diet

Removing sugar from your diet is hard. Sugar is everywhere, and is hidden in so many products. Sugar is also highly addicting. In fact, studies have shown that sugar can be more addicting than cocaine!

I recommend first removing processed foods from your diet including:

  • Chips
  • Sodas
  • Snack cakes
  • Flavored beverages
  • Prepackaged foods

Second, start to limit fruits like bananas and dates which are high in sugar.

While eliminating these foods from your diet, you can help your body acclimate by increasing your intake of healthy fats like fish oil, coconut oil, and grass fed butter.


I hope that this information will help you in your health journey, and that it will impact your life and help empower others to overcome this terrible condition. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll dive into alternative therapies for treatment to help the body heal itself.