Chlorella The King of Chlorophyll

So today we're going to be talking about my favorite algae, chlorella. I have taken this amazing algae for the past 7 years due to its detoxifying and nutritional benefits. This amazing substance can detoxify the body in an incredible way and it's very gentle on the body as well. We are going to discuss how this green gem has 40 times more chlorophyll than wheatgrass and can build strong healthy blood. As always, let’s explore the benefits, forms, and ways to take this powerhouse food!


Chlorophyll content is 40% per its dry weight. This means that you would have to drink around 8 wheat grass shots to get the same amount in just a half teaspoon of chlorella powder.

  • Chlorophyll detoxifies the blood and body.
  • Chlorophyll acts as a natural deodorizer in the body taking away foul odors by neutralizing toxins.
  • Chlorophyll can also increase your energy and give you an overall sense of wellbeing.

The protein content of chlorella is impressive - it's 58.4 % pure protein, which is very similar to eggs. It contains all 18 amino acids including the essential 8 we can’t make in our bodies. This means that anybody who needs more protein can get it in a non-animal source and build strong muscles.

The omega 3 content of chlorella is incredible, boasting a 9.3% fat ratio of pure omega 3’s.

  • Omega 3 has shown to be anti-inflammatory.
  • Omega 3 can also help make blood cells permeable allowing nutrients to be carried into the cell and toxins out of the cells.
  • Omega 3 has been known to increase brain health and boost cognitive function.

Polysaccharide wall: this has the unique ability to bind to toxins in the blood and pull them out through the digestive system

  • Chlorella is famous for detoxifying the body of heavy metals and works in conjunction with cilantro to completely rid the body of metals and is safe enough to take daily.


There are two forms of chlorella either powder or tablets.

  • For the brave I recommend the tabs as they are chewable and cover the oral cavity which can be beneficial.
  • The powder form is easier to use since you can mix it in a smoothie or a juice.
  • Whether you choose powder or tabs the taste is unique, and I suggest trying a little before braving out a big amount.



  • Juice one cucumber, one head of cilantro, one green apple, and add in one tablespoon of chlorella powder and blend.
  • I like to make a green smoothie using some coconut milk and frozen berries then adding a tablespoon of chlorella.

The secret with using chlorella is to mask the flavor with something that is subtle and sweet, but not over sugary.


Chlorella is truly one of the most unique superfoods on the planet and I highly encourage you to try it. I have detoxified and helped nourish my body as a long time vegan of 8 years with this amazing food. Stay tuned to later this week when we discuss the incredible benefits of garlic.