Cleaning Up Your Environment, Part 1

Let’s face it - every day we see something that reminds us that we live in a very toxic world. I know it can be overwhelming to think that everything from our clothes to our toothpaste can slowly be harming our bodies, and most people are unaware of this. However, we can take small steps each day to reduce the toxic load in our bodies. In this blog post, I’ll share some of my top favorite ways to detox daily and reduce toxins in your environment, including your home and office.

Water Filters

The most direct supply of toxins can come through our water supply. I’m not just talking about the water we drink - it’s also the water we bathe in and swim in. You’re probably asking yourself, how do I change that? The answer is simple: filters.

  • Start with a good drinking water purification system such as ZeroWater or a Berkey water filter. These water filters remove a lot of the everyday toxins in your water.
  • Get a good quality shower filter since you can absorb about 10 glasses of toxic water through your pores in the form of steam. These filters are inexpensive and will last about 1 year without having to replace.
  • Get a RV or Garden shower filter to run your pool water through. The pool can be a very toxic environment with all the chlorine in it.

Organic Food

If you have been following my blog you’re already well aware that we need to be eating organic.

  • When we eat organic foods we reduce the amount of toxic pesticide residue that enter our bodies.
  • Organic food also helps restore our earthly environment by supporting farmers to keep the soil healthy and clean.
  • Over time, the cost of staying healthy and eating organic food will be less expensive than a costly doctor bill.

Organic Beauty Products

Every day we smear lotions, sunscreen, makeup, shave gel, and a host of toxic products on our skin.

  • Start with toothpaste. Switch to a fluoride-free version that has organic botanicals and plant extracts.
  • Switch from lotions to organic coconut oil.
  • For ladies, there are some excellent organic makeup and beauty products out there. I would recommend companies like Acure, Gabriel, or John Master.


I hope I have inspired you to make some simple changes towards a less toxic environment. Stay tuned for the next blog, where we will get more in depth about advanced ways to clean up our environment.

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