Cold Therapy

So today we are going to talk about one of my favorite subjects on the planet: cold therapy. So many of us know that ice is great for putting on achy muscles but I want you to know that it goes way beyond that. My introduction to the power of the cold started when I heard a talk from Daniel Vitalis, who said that a primal practice is cold and hot therapy. Let’s start by practicing cold therapy by jumping in the shower and turning on cold water instead of hot. This was my first cold therapy test, and guess what? I failed. So let’s look at the many aspects of cold therapy that helps the body including the nervous system health, skin health, and the anti-inflammatory power of the cold.

The Shock of Cold Helps Nerves

The reaction of the body when we get really cold is a stressful one sending our body into fight or flight mode. Fight or flight is actually a beneficial response in this case because we are waking up the nerves in areas that have not received much attention. For example, the back, thighs, and butt don’t really get touched or stimulated daily.

So at a real basic levels nerves are stimulated through all the senses of the body. In order to make a big difference in the body though we need extreme temperatures swings to produce a big enough effect on the body to help the body.

Types Of Cold Therapy

Cryo Therapy

This is my favorite form of cold therapy since it can help the whole body. Here are some benefits of this therapy. Check out this website for more info

  • Boost the metabolism to promote weight loss.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Improves your overall skin health.
  • Relieves pain
  • Faster recovery from working out.
  • Improves muscle and motor unit activation.

Ice Bath

This technique is another great way to get some cold therapy by sitting in hyper cold water and letting it take away the pain and inflammation in the body.

Cold Shower

This is the cheapest and easiest way to begin cold therapy just taking a quick cold shower can help to build your nerve strength.

Cold For The Skin

A little tip I always heard growing up was to put your moistener cream in the refrigerator then apply the cold cream to the skin to help tighten the pores. So it’s true that the cold will tighten your pores and help the skin heal from inflammatory conditions. I recommend you give this a try and see how great and tight your skin looks.

Cold Defeats Inflammation

All inflammatory conditions involve heat. The body sends warm blood to areas that are injured and it creates heat. These hot spots can be very painful and hinder the body from functioning optimally. Any therapy I mentioned above will help remove these hot spots of inflammation in the body.


I hope you're ready to get cold and enjoy the benefits of this therapy. I know that it’s a chilly practice but it is so good for the body! Stay tuned next blog where we will be talking about how to heal the Spirit, Soul, and Body.