healthy detox

Detox for Beginners

Detoxification is a lost art in our day. We live in a very toxic environment with more pesticides, herbicides, poor soil, and not to mention the poor quality of the Standard American Diet. It’s important to find a daily practice at home to promote a safe and gentle detox in the body. I want to start by saying that a clean diet, clean water, and exercise are the foundation to any detox regimen - we will explore this and more today.

Water with Lemon

To begin your detox regimen, in the morning before breakfast drink 16oz of warm purified water with a whole fresh squeezed lemon.

  • Lemon juice is an alkaline substance that will promote healthy elimination first thing in the morning. Since most of us start our day off with coffee, or worst, we eat before we drink, drinking water in the morning will give you more energy than coffee or food and will boost your immune system.


Most Americans lack a daily supply of fruits and vegetables and lack the daily requirement for fiber intake. Fiber is key to binding to toxins in the colon and helping you eliminate them safely and effectively.

  • After your lemon water take a couple teaspoons of a high quality organic psyllium powder in a glass of water. This will help draw out toxins in the colon and promote healthy weight management.
  • Eating raw fruits for breakfast is another good way to get fiber. This will also help promote healthy elimination and give you good clean energy.


The missing detox secret is movement. When you start a light but effective exercise program you can make every detox tool above work more effectively. I want to use the example of putting the best fuel and oil in your car but you don’t drive it.

  • Movement daily will get your lymphatic, digestive, and elimination systems moving and working.
  • Sweating alone will help draw out toxins through the skin as the metabolism of your body increases.
  • Stagnation or lack of movement daily will increase the amount of toxins in the body. Movement is the only way to break up those areas and release those toxins.

Before we get into a vast array of products or techniques in our next blog I want you to begin to explore these practices as a part of your daily regimen. Detoxification is a daily journey not a short term race. I hope I have inspired you to begin to detox.

Stay tuned because this Wednesday, we will explore supplements, chiropractic, massage, and colonics as a more advanced way to detox.