benefits of garlic


Dr. Robyn Abramcyzk discusses the amazing benefits of garlic.

This is one of my favorite most accessible herbs on the planet and get this it tastes great. Garlic is a bulbous perineal plant in the lily family. I have used garlic as an herb for cooking but never understood just how powerful this herb really was until I got sick. As I studied and read about the properties of garlic, I learned to eating 2 or 3 garlic cloves a day or take a garlic supplement (such as Kyolic Reserve) to significantly enhance immunity. I found out that there are great garlic supplements and a lot of scientific research backing them up. Let’s explore below the benefits and ways to consume this medicine.

The Health Benefits of Garlic:

  • Immune system - Garlic has many immune compounds like Sulphur containing phytochemicals like allicin alliin and peroxidase. These sulfur phytochemicals or the strong smelling compounds that give garlic its pungent odor are released when you chew crush or chop it. These strong components of garlic kill bad bacteria, viruses, and fungi that attack our immune system.
  • Cholesterol - The sulfur compounds help clean the blood and help the body become more thermogenic. When the blood becomes cleaner and the overall warmth of the body increases your cholesterol levels can drop overtime.
  • Detoxification - Garlic is a purifier and detoxifier. The most interesting aid in detoxification is the way that sulfur compounds help stimulate the pathways that move heavy metals out safely through the elimination channels of the body. As the infections in the body begin to clear up it makes it easier for you innate immune system to transport toxins out of the body.

My Closing Thoughts on Garlic

I want to encourage everyone to add garlic to your diet. You can see that the daily use of garlic can improve your health and wellbeing and bolster your immune system. Some say that the antibiotic properties are more effective than traditional antibiotics. Give it a try and keep some mints close by.