Getting Primal

What does it mean to be more primal? Some aspects of modern society where everything is hyper clean and perfect seem a bit off after looking at the more primal way of life that humans used to live. I think that getting back to a more primal way of living could lead to a healthier life. Primal people who eat off their own land, walk barefoot, and spend more time in nature can be healthier and stronger than the modern man. Let’s explore how incorporating primal principles into our everyday lives can make us healthier and stronger.

Bare Feet

I know you're probably thinking “bare feet? But I love my cool slick shoes!” In a world where we have so many ankle and feet issues it begs the question “do we have to have all these shoes with arch supports and ankle supports? Why are our feet and ankles so weak in the first place? Being barefoot more often may help your ankle and feet issues.

What exactly does being barefoot do for the body?

  • Helps support the posture and structural integrity of your body.
  • Being barefoot on the earth connects you to the earth, which improves inflammation markers in the body.
  • Walking barefoot on grass helps your nervous system as your feet have the most nerve points in one area.

So kick off those shoes, get outside, and slowly get used to being barefoot again. Bare feet are not just for beach vacations or when you’re swimming!

Squatting and Your Digestive System

If talking about being barefoot isn’t weird enough, let’s talk about squatting and how it improves your digestive health.

A squat is a natural movement that primal people assumed when using the restroom. Back then, there were no nice raised porcelain white toilets to do their business in. Primal people would just squat and take care of business.

  • Squatting helps straighten your colon so there is no need to strain and push.
  • Conditions like hemorrhoids and bacterial infections can be prevented by using this squatting method.
  • A squatty potty is a piece of equipment that you can use to try out squatting in the restroom in the comforts of your home.

Primal Food & Being In Nature

We should be eating local, organic, wild foods that come from our environment, and should take time to explore nature and get out in the sunlight!

  • Local foods are more nutritious and have much more complex flavors and chemical profiles.
  • Wild foods have not been cultivated by man so they contain wild medicine that feeds the body.
  • Getting out in nature is a joyous experience that can reduce stress. We have been so modernized that being outside is becoming weird.

I hope this has inspired you to get more primal! I incorporate these principles as much as possible in my life, and have experienced great joy by exploring the world and adapting a more primal lifestyle. I think soon enough primal will be the new modern.