Greens Will Change Your Life

So let’s talk about the class of plants that when we were kids we wouldn’t touch. Green foods will change your life in a profound way. Now that I am older I understand the power of green foods. You can have more energy, detoxify the body, and remineralize the body all with green foods. So lettuce take a look at how to get these incredible green foods into our daily lives .

Romaine Calm!

My favorite green to get back to is lettuce and that’s because it's available everywhere. Now let’s be clear, we are not talking about iceberg lettuce which is the worst one for you. I am talking about the deep leafy greens with one exception, romaine is great as well.

  • Lettuce contains natural substances that are relaxing in nature and are high in magnesium.
  • Lettuce can also alkalize and oxygenate the blood.
  • Lettuce is a versatile food and can be added to smoothies as well as juices.

Kale University:

Another one of my absolute favorite greens on the planet. Kale is hearty and not only can you eat it raw in a salad but you can also dehydrate them and make chips out of them. Kale according to the latest research is one of the most complex foods on the planet. Kale is extremely nutritious and filled with chlorophyll.

  • Kale can help detoxify your body.
  • Kale is a hearty green that can help you feel satiated aiding in weight loss.
  • To this day kale is still being study to find out just how complex and dense this food is.
  • Juice kale as well to get a really concentrated hit of green!

20,000 Leagues Under the Seaweed:

So let’s talk about green foods from the ocean. One of my favorites is kelp, which is a green food that has some really unique compounds that can heal the body making you feel great.

Kelp contains iodine a nutrient that is deficient in most all diets here in America.

  • Iodine can help boost the metabolism and increase body temperature.
  • Iodine can boost the immune system and help fight infections.

Kelp contains glyconutrients a class of phytochemicals that help support your brain and nervous system.

  • Kelp can be taken in a pill, liquid, and a powered form that can be put on salads. Hope you like the taste of the ocean.

Marine Phytoplankton:

n my study this is the best overall green food on the planet. Marine Phytoplankton contains all nutrients needed to support life and growth in the body.

  • Marine Phytoplankton contains pure ATP or the energy producer for every cell in the body.
  • Marine Phytoplankton contains omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Marine Phytoplankton contains human active form of b12.


I hope I have inspired you to add a little green to your life. I know that by adding green foods you will feel great having more energy and detoxify on a daily basis. Stay tuned next blog where we will be looking at Cannabis oil.