Heavy Metal Detox

Dr. Abramczyk and I have been making a lot of videos recently on the dangers of heavy metals. I want to give you a comprehensive protocol for detoxing and removing heavy metals safely, gently and effectively. I have suffered through heavy metal toxicity myself, and the signs and symptoms can vary person to person. For me, heavy metals disrupted my hormonal systems and made it very difficult for me to think clearly as well. Through a lot of research and trial and error, I think I came up with a very effective way to rid the body of heavy metals. I started my journey with supplements then began to get IV therapy for a more therapeutic effect. Today, let’s explore how we can change our lives for the better by ridding our lives of these toxic substances.

Get Rid Of The Source

Heavy metals are found in high amounts in concentrated brown rice protein powders and fish. I was also exposed to silver fillings in my mouth that were half mercury and half silver. Mercury is the most toxic metal on planet Earth, and causes a whole host of nervous system and hormonal health issues. Because of this, I got rid of the metal in my mouth to reduce my overall exposure to the source of my problems. I highly recommend finding a general dentist that uses biological therapies like Dr. Abramczyk who will remove these toxic fillings safely and effectively.

  • You can find a dentist that takes a biological approach through the IAOMT.
  • You can visit Smile Ranch, Dr. Abramczyk’s practice, if you’re in the Dallas area.
  • You start to reduce your consumption of fish and increase lean meats like chicken and buffalo.


Start taking detoxing substances. These are great for ridding the body of heavy metals and can dramatically improve your overall health and well-being.

  • Chorella is a green algae that has the ability to detoxify metals and alkalize your body in the process. This product comes in powder or tablets. I highly recommend the tablets since your chew them up and detoxify the metals in the mouth more effectively.
  • Glutathione: this is a powerful antioxidant and is an antagonist to the metals in the body. Taking glutathione can make a huge difference in getting rid of your toxic metal load, especially mercury. I recommend a SAG or S Acetyl Glutathione.
  • Clays are also great. Taking clay baths and drinking clay can draw the metals out of the body as well. I recommend getting a bentonite clay or zeolites to help.

Advanced Techniques

  • IV chelation therapy is a great way to directly began to remove toxic metals out of blood.
  • IV glutathione: getting this great supplement directly in the blood stream.
  • Far infrared sauna sweating out the metals and other toxins as well.


I hope this will give you the tools you need for starting this detoxing journey. With any one of the techniques or supplements above I recommend if you start to feel sick, or detox too fast, then back off and slow down. Detoxing is a process, not a one-time deal, so be gracefull and embrace the change.

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About Dr. Abramczyk

Dr. Abramczyk is a general dentist in Dallas, Texas that specializes in Holistic therapies. Dr. Abramczyk is dedicated to removing and avoiding the use of materials considered toxic to human tissue, and takes extra precautions to ensure her patients are protected from dangerous materials able to affect their overall health. At Smile Ranch Dentistry, we are dedicated to the practice of holistic therapies and pride ourselves in providing our clients with the safest, most beneficial oral care available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.