High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

In light of all the upper respiratory infections that are plaguing our community right now, I want to explore my favorite way to boost the immune system. Anytime I feel an infection coming on I will go and get a high dose vitamin c therapy done through an IV and in about 1 day my infection will be knocked out. So today I want to look at the science behind why putting 25,000 milligrams of this powerful nutrient in your body can radically change your body's response to an infection. I also want to explore how taking a high but moderate dose daily can keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Why high dose vitamin c?

So first let’s talk about why dosage is important. Most of the time when I am teaching a client about dosage I want them to realize that in order to get a quick benefit they need to have the substance saturate the cells of the body. So, the larger you are, the more you'll need. The perfect example is a child. They can only handle small doses of nutrients but as we get older we can handle more.

  • For vitamin c therapy I would say if you’re not getting at least 25g per IV then you’re not getting enough per dose.
  • For a high dose daily amount, I recommend taking at least 5g or 5000mg a day to maintain a strong immune system.
  • For the daily dose I don’t recommend an IV but taking a lypospheric form.
  • Another alternative to the lypospheric form is camu camu in the form of a powder.
  • In order to overcome a serious infection, you need to start high dose vitamin c therapy right away.

What does vitamin c do?

We think that vitamin c only boosts the immune system, but it does so much more.

  • Vitamin c is an integral part in the pliability of the veins and arteries.
  • Taking a vitamin c on the daily can help prevent plaque build that can lead to heart attacks and stroke.
  • Vitamin c is also an integral part of collagen production. So if we want to have beautiful skin or maintain beautiful skin we need to take vitamin c daily.
  • Vitamin c is one of nature’s most accessible antioxidants.

Vitamin c helps most every major organ system of the body and guess what: a lot of us are really deficient!


I hope this blog sheds some light on what high dose and daily high dose vitamin c can do for you. I have been on this therapy for about 6 years now and have noticed some amazing results. Stay tuned next blog where we will discuss how fitness and movement can radically change your health and well being.