A significant part of my philosophy in dentistry is protecting my patients from harmful toxins. We follow a strict protocol established by IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) when I remove mercury amalgam fillings from my patients. . Mercury amalgam fillings are over 50 % mercury content. When removing a mercury amalgam filling, the patient and dental team are exposed to over 3000 times the safe level determine by the EPA for safe breathing! If the protocol is not followed, 80% of mercury vapor is inhaled into the lungs and 30% of that enters circulation, traveling to our cells and brain. Biological dentists are concerned about all mercury exposure, but more concerned about the vapors inhaled than the particles swallowed. Mercury concentrates in the cell 5.6 times higher than the blood and over 1,000 higher in the mitochondria. Therefore, patients with heavy metal toxicity can become very ill and should work with a practitioner who understands and treats heavy metal toxicity. I am dedicated and will make sure every effort is made to reduce mercury exposure to our patients and dental team.

Here is what each of our patients can expect:

1. Drapes are placed on the patient to protect their clothing from mercury particulate.

2. Patients breathe medical grade oxygen

3. Teeth are isolated with rubber dam and a saliva ejector is placed under the dam Clean up tip is attached to the high suction and placed over the tooth

4. Isolite is used when the patient cannot tolerate the rubber dam

5. The mercury amalgam is “chunked out” in large pieces using a carbide bur

6. A vacuum is placed over the patient’s chest for excess particle suction

7. Irrigation for one minute after removal

8. Ionizer entraps excess mercury particles

9. Ventilation to outside

10. Protection for our dental team include hoods, gowns and respirator masks

11. Mercon wipes (mercury clean-up wipes) are used to wipe downs counters and equipment for residual particles and reduction of cross contamination.

12. Amalgam separator to separate residual amalgam parts and pieces.

Additionally, we counsel our patients that mercury tri-testing is available if they chose to do so. We also educate our patients on supplements that can be used in a long term detoxification protocol and/ or as a short term extra layer of protection during the mercury removal.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our Rockwall, TX office at 972-772-7645.