Let’s Get Some Sleep

So who doesn’t love getting their 8 hours of beauty sleep? I know that all my life I've loved sleep and never understood exactly what happens to the body when we sleep. Well, I would soon find out that my whole body every night was regenerated. Does that sound too far-fetched to be true? Well, it’s not. So today I want us to explore the many aspects of sleep and also look at some supplements that can help us sleep.

Sleep Repairs The Body:

Let’s think that when we lay down to go to sleep it’s when the body and digestive system completely shut off and they finally have a chance to heal and repair. A huge organ that gets repaired to is the brain. Think of sleep like shutting down a computer - it finally has the opportunity to cool down and install updates on the reboot. So our brain sorts the information of the day and processes what happened.

Immune System

The immune system has a reset every night. Have you ever noticed that you are more prone to infections when you have a lack of sleep? So sleep to help the immune system and maintain great health by doing so.

Brain Health

So your brain actually heals and repairs at night. A lot of dreams are the brain sorting through the information that we feed it throughout the day. If we don’t have a deep sleep state, we can’t dream and this is not good.

Stress Reducing

Having the proper amount of sleep is a great way to release neurochemicals into your brain that will help keep your mind calm. Only when you sleep deep does the neurochemicals get released.

Tips for a good night sleep:

  • Sleep in a pitch black room because light will penetrate your eyes even when they're closed.
  • No cellphones or electronics at least 30 min before you get in bed.
  • Pray or meditation can help you have calmer sleep.
  • Lavender oil diffused or spritzed on your pillow.
  • Chiropractic adjustments and massage.

Supplements for Sleep:

  • The most classic sleep substance on the market is melatonin. So I do not recommend melatonin at all. I feel that the body gets very used to melatonin and it becomes ineffective.
  • My favorite sleep-inducing supplement is ashwaganda. This ayurvedic herb can help calm the mind and induce restful sleep.
  • I know this isn’t a supplement but it’s a piece of technology that can help you sleep and it’s called a grounding sheet. Grounding technology helps connect your skin to the earth balancing out the rhythm of your body helping you induce sleep at the right time.
  • Magnesium can really help you sleep by relaxing the muscles and calming the mind.


I hope I have inspired you to take steps to get a better night’s sleep. It is one of the most important health promoting practices on the planet. So join me in going to bed early tonight and actually resting. Stay tuned on the next blog where we will be talking about how to deal with allergies naturally.