Medical Marijuana Benefits

Now I hope that our readers aren’t freaked out by this title. I want to first stress that we don’t condone the use of marijuana outside of a true medical need. Today we are exploring the many uses of Marijuana with a big focus on CBD oil or (Cannabidiol). Cannabinoids are the phytochemical oil that is contained in the Marijuana plant and has some miracle properties to it. Plants that are grown for people to get high have a very low CBD content if any, making them not effective medicinally. So today let’s look at the many benefits of CBD oil and how we can incorporate this into our healing protocol.

CBD won’t get you high:

  • Studies show that high doses of CBD oil are safe to use without any harm to psychological functions.
  • This is important because we need to break through the phobia we have especially when it comes to this part of marijuana. I say that because the mainstream media demonizes the use of this substance and don’t report the miraculous effects it can have in the body.

CBD Benefits:

One of the most powerful benefits of CBD is that it is an Anticonvulsant

  • Anticonvulsants suppress seizure activity in the brain by calming the nervous system. There have been some profound stories that I suggest you look up online to read the benefits of this. It's heartwarming to hear how small children who suffer daily or multiple times a day find relief with CBD.


  • CBD causes apoptosis or cancer cell death. CBD has been known to reduce tumor size and boost the immune system. This has a special especially for those suffering from brain tumors.

Anxiolytic or Anti-Depressant

  • CBD has been shown to combat anxiety and depression. In a world where we over prescribe SSRI anti-depressant drugs we can use an alternative method and have no side effects!


  • Due to the calming effects of CBD it helps with many psychotic disorders.

Still illegal?

I am outraged that although this substance doesn’t get you high it is still considered illegal. Right now drug companies are trying to patent a legal version that can be put on the market. So talk to your congressman and senators and send them the studies that show the dramatic results of the effects of CBD. The last thing I want is a drug company to make a 1000% markup by making this a drug rather than a natural company putting it out at a decent price.


I want to close this blog with making the point that we do not condone any illegal activity. We just want you to be educated to the alternatives out there and be aware that one day they may be legal. In my previous blogs, you know that I feel that industrial hemp can save the planet using it as a reusable substance and nutritious oil. Stay tuned next blog where we will discover the wild and wonderful world of fecal transplants!

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