Mushroom of Immortality

Today I want to explore most likely my favorite nutritional science and that’s the world of medicinal mushrooms. Now before you think I am going to start talking about magic mushrooms or psychedelics I am not. There is a world of mushrooms out there that we don’t traditionally eat like shitakes or porcinis but a whole different class that grow on trees and have to be prepared in very special ways. My favorite mushroom, the Reishi mushroom, is what we are going to explore. Reishi is considered to be a mushroom of immortality that's only reserved for the elite in Chinese Royalty, and it's now available to you and me.

The Number 1 Most Studied Herb On The Planet!

There are more research studies that can be found on this incredible herb than any herb on the planet. I am going to give you some research links below to read just how incredible Reishi is:


I hope you find the above research links interesting especially if you want to let out your inner nerd.


Get ready because Reishi is the most vast healing herb I have ever seen.


  • This is the most famous and powerful aspect of Reishi. It is in my opinion the number 1 anti-cancer herb on the planet.
  • Research has shown that the phytochemical makeup of Reishi mushroom can destroy cancer cells. Reishi contains polysaccharides, saponins, and triterpenes. All three of these components cause cancer cells to undergo a process called apoptosis or cancer cell death.


  • If you have read our blogs for a while you know that I am a lover of polysaccharides and their ability to modulate the immune system. Reishi contains one of the highest concentrations of polysaccharides on the planet making it the most powerful immune modulating herb ever.
  • Reishi can be taken daily and it will increase your immune system to combat chronic infections or even acute conditions.


  • Reishi contains substances that inhibit the liver to produce excess glucose. Reishi also strengthens the kidney’s which in turn helps the body filter and take stress off the kidneys.

Cardiovascular System

  • I find it amazing that Reishi, which is in the shape of a heart and most of the time is red, is amazing for your heart. God was giving us a major sign that if you want to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system we can take Reishi. Reishi is an anti-stress herb and also it helps clean the blood lowering high blood pressure and allowing blood to flow easier.

I could list even more benefits but I will stop there. The research I listed above will give you more insight into what this incredible herb can do.

Supplement Recommendations:

  • When looking into taking a Reishi product I recommend that it be a dual extraction of the fruiting body.
  • There is a great brand out there that does this dual extraction called Four Sigmatic. They make powdered forms already in tea or coffee that you add to 7oz of hot water and enjoy.


As you can see I highly recommend you start taking Reishi daily. This was one of the first herbs I have ever tried that has helped me over the past 8 years. I won't go a day without taking it! Stay tuned for our next blog where we will explore the exciting world of hormones.