Nutritional Foundations

Throughout the Internet there is a lot of conflicting information as to what it takes to have a healthy foundation. I am going to cut through all the misinformation and educate you to know what your healthy foundation is. We all know basic things like to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, and cut out sugar and caffeine. There are also things like stress reduction, balance, routines, and nutritional planning that make a huge difference in the foundation of your health. Today we will explore what I think is the basis for a foundation to a healthy life.

Health Planning

We plan out every aspect of our life except our health. We need to think about how we are going to procure all of these healthy foods and supplements that we need.

  • Be consistent on making trips to the farmers market and getting clean water.
  • Find a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist who can help guide your decisions in supplementation and reducing medications.
  • Use resources like and . These sites can really help you navigate to the right places in your area to help in your planning process.
  • With my family I have a process in place for shopping and getting clean water each week.
  • Planning will help you reduce stress and make you more consistent in your healthy lifestyle.


My wife would laugh at this section of the blog. I am a routine fanatic when it comes to taking supplements and drinking water. No plan for health will work unless you are consistent. It is my pet peeve when someone starts a health journey and does not do things consistently when they get frustrated because they don’t change or change quickly enough.

  • I want to encourage you to stay consistent and you will see amazing results.
  • Find a routine that works for you.
  • For me I drink 32 oz. of water each morning and take my supplements before I eat food.
  • I then eat breakfast and shortly thereafter have a bowel movement and I’m ready for work.
  • Hopefully this isn’t too much TMI for you, but I think it will help you see that a routine will do the body some good.
  • I have not been sick in a long time and I attribute this to my routine.


  • Let’s be graceful and merciful toward ourselves and not get to serious with these changes we're going to make in our lives for our health.
  • Balance is the key to a healthy life.
  • Balance will help us reduce stress and maintain a consistent healthy life.
  • If I am going to cheat on my diet or not be as active it's ok - it’s not the end of the world. I just pick up and start again.
  • For example, If I have too much coffee then I'll make sure to get a green juice.


These principles are the key to a healthy and happy life. I hope that I have inspired change in you and that you can find your balanced routine in your life. Stay tuned for next weeks blog where we will explore the power of amino acids.