Overcoming ADD

Throughout my health journey I have had friends and family tell me that I had ADD or ADHD. I used to joke with them and say “yes I have ADD, I like to add things in to my life!”. I have always been someone who likes to start projects but not finish them. For example, right now I am writing a blog, listening to music, and listening to a school lecture at the same time. Now I can focus on one thing but I need a lot of activity to focus properly. I am a classic case of ADD, but that’s not all a bad thing. ADD is not a disease, it’s more a neurological imbalance that can be changed and improved through nutrition and brain exercises. So let’s explore some ways that I have been able to manage this condition and overcome the negative effects of it. We are going to get more organized, focused and help stay calm together.


My brain suffered so much as a child due to my really poor diet. I would live on cookies, chips, sweet tea, coffee, soda, and high animal fat and protein. This type of diet was constricting blood flow to the brain and made me hyper and made it really hard to focus.

  • Stay away from processed refined foods of all kinds. Replace all of these foods with fresh alternatives and healthier options.
  • My change was very gradual and slow, so don’t be overwhelmed. Make slow and steady changes that will end in a great result over a long period of time.
  • I found a healthy alternative to each thing that I craved and it became really easy to maintain a good diet that supported my brain.
  • Add in high quality omega 3’s, greens, vegetables, fruits, and eat a low protein diet. We are focusing on more high quality fats in the diet.

Brain Exercise

The one thing I began to do was start to train my brain. Now how did I do that? Learning about things I love. The school model of teaching kids standard information that everyone should know, and not encouraging creative energy of individual passions was very hindering to me.

  • I spent time learning about nutrition and music.
  • I focused on cultivating my passions and had support from those around me to pursuit of them.
  • I had so much joy and excitement to learn about my passions that it was easy to focus.
  • I also found a device that helped me a lot called eyelights. I suggest you go to www.eyelights.com. These are glasses that utilize light and color therapy that helped train my brain.


I had started to take a lot of supplements. I want to start off very simple though as the changes need to be slow and effective.

  • Omega3
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin C
  • PS (Phosphorylated serine)
  • Plant based multiple vitamin


I hope I have given you some very real tools to make a difference in your live or your children’s lives. There are a lot of options for detoxes and things as well. In my experience with this condition it was more dietary related, as that was my main source of toxicity for me. Stay tuned for my next blog, where I'll speak about Adrenal health.