Raw Milk: Good or Bad?

I used to think that drinking milk wasn’t good for my body, but I was so wrong. The 3-4 glasses of milk I was drinking each day was pasteurized, homogenized, and hormonal-filled. When I was drinking this kind of milk I was sick, had constant allergies, and suffered from constipation – now that doesn’t sound like a healthy drink! It took me years to realize that I was drinking the wrong kind of milk, and that I should be drinking raw, fresh milk from cows. The first time I tried raw milk I had a profound realization - I had no allergic reaction to it. So what is the difference between the milk I was drinking compared to raw milk? Let’s explore milk and find out how it can really benefit our health.

Benefits of Raw Unpasteurized Milk:

Raw milk contains the following amazing vitamins and minerals:

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

  • This is a beneficial fatty acid found in raw milk that has been shown to help regulate weight, and can aid in weight loss.

Fat-Soluble Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K2

  • The fat-soluble forms of these vitamins are much more absorbable than the synthesized forms found in capsules in the health food store.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

  • There are beneficial fatty acids in raw milk which are a great source of heart-healthy omega 3’s.


  • Raw milk comes from cows who eat grass, which is extremely high in minerals. This makes raw milk high in minerals, which we can then absorb.


  • Milk's most well-known benefit is the bone-strengthening calcium that it contains. Calcium is just one of many minerals found in raw milk that helps support bones.

Dangers of Conventional Pasteurized Milk

The conventional dairy industry is really disgusting. Cows who are taken out of their natural environment and fed unnatural food produce a liquid that can destroy your body.

I recommend not consuming conventional milk, as it can disrupt your hormonal system and cause blood sugar problems.


I hope I have inspired you to start drinking raw milk, and to stop all conventional dairy products including cheese, butter and creamer. I have listed a resource below to help you find raw milk in your local area.

www.westonaprice.org - Here you can find a local chapter in your city and they can guide you to a great source of raw dairy.