Safe Mercury Removal Practice

In all of my studies on detox the one thing that can change your health the most is getting rid of mercury amalgams from your mouth. Mercury is the most toxic metal on the planet and if you don’t have it taken out safely you and your dentist can be in a lot of danger. Here at Smile Ranch Dentistry we take the highest possible care of the patient and the staff to ensure a gentle and safe removal of your amalgams. Today we are going to explore in depth the procedures we use for our mercury removal process.

Protection Protocols for The Patient:

We use nitrile in order for the mercury to not seep through into our pores. Latex materials do not fully protect you as mercury can still pass through it.

We also put a nitrile cover insert over the mouth to isolate the tooth and protect the patient. This is a crucial step in the process.

We next insert is an iso light which acts as a bite block, retracts soft tissue, suction for saliva, and illuminates the mouth.

We use a high suction tool to ensure the mercury is captured and not exposing the patient or the doctor.

We then use an extra layer of protection - a high powered vacuum to make sure that there is no mercury vapor exposure.

We also use a high powered vaporizer that will help trap the positively charged mercury ions and negate them from being in the air.

  • Vaporizers flood the room with negatively charged ions that will bind to the positively charged mercury ions pulling them out of the air.
  • Vaporizers are like a high powered air purifier and can be used to clean the air for your home space as well.

Protection Protocols for The Doctor & Staff:

We are fully suited up in a hazmat suit with a respirator mask.

Any of the mercury vapor that is pulled through the suction is pushed into a separator that traps the vapors making sure no one is exposed and they can be disposed of properly.

  • This is unique to Smile Ranch, as most dentist will allow the vapor to be released into their office.
  • The mercury vapor has an 80% absorption rate into the lungs causing some severe disruption of breathing.

At Smile Ranch we go well beyond the safe protocol recommendations and take it to the next level of safety. We want to be pioneers in the standard of care for our patients.


I can say as not only Doctor Robyn’s blogger but her patient that she takes dentistry to the next level and incorporates a holistic health model throughout her practice. When it comes to mercury it is not something you want to take lightly. I highly recommend you reach out to Smile Ranch to ensure that your fillings are removed the right way. Stay tune next week were we are going to explore the power of astaxanthin the King of Carotenoids.