Sunlight Is Good For You

So I am writing this blog after I was outside for a few hours getting some sunlight. In the mainstream media going outside and getting sunlight is demonized as producing cancer and harming your health. Ever since, we are all afraid of going outside. Cancers of all kinds have been on the rise and the question is why? We are a nation who lives inside and never leaves our home which is a completely controlled environment that’s most of the time devoid of sunlight. Sunlight creates Vitamin D in the body which changes how are genes express themselves by turning off cancer-causing genes and boosting our immune systems. Let’s explore today the many health benefits of getting outside and getting some sunlight.

Vitamin D:

So the main nutrient that we get from sunlight is a hormone that’s produced in the body called 25 hydroxy vitamin d3. There is not another substance on the planet that can change your body more than vitamin d.

Immune Health

  • The biggest influencer of a healthy immune system is having high levels of vitamin d in the blood. When you go and get your vitamin d levels checked you should be looking for an optimal range between 50 – 60 ng. Most Americans due to being indoors are at ranges around 10 to 20.
  • Vitamin d will tell your genes to express a stronger immune system reaction fighting off infections and helping overcome sickness faster.
  • Vitamin d is helping to build your innate immune system inherent to the strength of your body.

Bone Health

Vitamin d helps regulate calcium absorption in the body and is essential for bone density. So this brings me to an another important point. If we consume too much calcium without vitamin d regulating it we can start to plug our veins and arteries with plaque. If you follow my blogs hopefully you know by now that plaque is calcium-based not cholesterol.


The genetics that are affected by having adequate levels of vitamin d can help prevent multiple types of cancers.

  • Colon
  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Bladder
  • Renal
  • Ovarian
  • Esophageal

Even autoimmune conditions and MS have shown benefits by getting enough vitamin d.

Negative Effects of The Sun:

So let's talk about people who take things to the extreme. We need to know that if we are getting sun and burning our skin to a crisp that we can develop skin cancer and dry out the skin. We also need to be aware that a lot of synthetic sunscreens also cause some serious skin damage. Let us exercise caution and sensibility when it comes to the sun.


I wanted to put this out as a PSA to everyone concerning the sun. As summer approaches I want to make sure that everyone is getting enough sunlight daily and that we are not putting toxic sunscreens on our bodies. So get out there and enjoy the sun in moderation and your body will thank you!!!! Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be discussing my favorite health topic and that’s water, the basis of all life.