The Disconnected World

So this idea for a blog just came to me as I sit here in the belly of the beast that is Starbucks. In this world, we act as though all of our electronic lifestyles keep us more connected but I think this is a false reality. Don’t get me wrong, I make a huge part of my living off the social media beast which is ironic as I still hold true principles that hopefully keep me connected on a human level and not just electronic. So today I want to explore the negative effects of being a disconnected people and how we can stop talking by looking at Facebook and how we can start to tell each other our story.

Living in Our Own Perfect Bubble:

I know that many of you found these blogs via social media, so don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tool to share information. But the information shared is limited to just that information. I mean, have you ever sat down with someone and listened and watched their body language and been captivated by them? There is a disconnect when this occurs over a social platform. Why is this? It is because from the time we are born we are meant to connect with each other. So in our social electronic world, I would suggest that we get free from it as much as possible.

  • We are developing a complex of attention at all times and we can’t live in a world that is quiet.
  • When we begin to wean ourselves away from the noise then we can really begin to connect and gain more life understanding.
  • Perfection does not exist and in a world of filter and, Photoshop, there is a lot of peer pressure of a perfect body image. Don’t be deceived to think that life is any better with a perfect body trust me it’s not. I have had close friends who are models and they said that the lifestyle and industry is not what it seems.

How to Reconnect:

So it’s a really sad fact that in our day today that we having more failing relationships including in my own life. I think a lot of the down falls of this disconnect are due to the fact that we don’t know how to be open, honest, and communicate freely. I used to feel more comfortable texting than talking. So how do we reconnect?

  • Challenge yourself to put your phone down if you’re out to lunch with your friends or family.
  • Limit your time on social media.
  • Do something creative outside of the electronic world. For example, I play guitar and it helps me be creative and guess what I don’t need to share it constantly to be validated.
  • If you don’t live around family give them a call or plan a trip to visit them
  • I have lost a lot of my family over the last couple years and when it’s too late to go spend more time with them there’s no turning back time for a visit.
  • Be social in real life go spend time at public places.
  • I think a huge reason that there is so much depression in our day is due to the fact of remaining in our own bubbles and not getting to know one another.
  • If you need a friend we are here to help.


I know this isn’t the normal health related blog but trust me this is vital to your health. So let’s reconnect and build great relationships. Stay tuned for the next blog where we will explore the world of overcoming fear.