The Greatest Herb on Planet Earth

In my years of studying herbs and minerals one stood out above the rest. This majestic herb is called Goji Berry or lycium barbarum, which in Chinese medicine means school of learning.

This herb can help with the introduction into herbalism because it tastes so good and is so easy to use. Goji berry can radically change your state of health and wellbeing by affecting you on a cellular level. Let’s explore the many benefits of consuming this delicious herb.

Immune System

Goji berries contain very complex phytochemicals that boost your immune system. A great way to extract the immunological substances from Goji berries is to brew them into a tea. Goji tea is very medicinally rich and is characterized by a beautiful deep red color.

  • Goji is antifungal and antibacterial.
  • Goji contains a lot of minerals and vitamin c that help strengthen the immune system.
  • Goji contains complex sugars called polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are food for our immune system and can build a strong immune system.


Goji has been revered in Chinese medicine as the primer longevity herb. Studies have shown that consuming Goji berries each day help raise human growth hormone naturally. Human growth hormone stimulated in the body through herbs is a natural way to stay young at the cellular level. Documented by the Chinese government, the longest lived man on earth at age 252 years old consumed Goji berry every day.

  • Goji helps increase energy and supports your kidneys. The kidneys in Chinese medicine are your battery packs that help support long life and Goji helps strengthens them daily.
  • Goji is so nutritionally dense and easily digestible by everyone at any age. This ease of use across all ages makes it the easiest herb to eat.


Goji berry is the highest protein fruit of any fruit available. Goji’s protein is very easily digested by everyone. Protein is essential to the body for building muscle and helping to keep our brain sharp as well.

  • Consuming goji gives you a boost in protein making it a great addition to your smoothie each day.
  • Goji is a complete protein with every amino acid the body needs.

Ways To Consume Goji

Goji Berry Tea

Add a handful of goji berries to 16oz of water and simmer at low heat for 10min, then strain and drink.

Goji Berry Stir Fry

Take two handfuls of goji berries and add to rice or quinoa cooked in vegetable stock. Add any vegetable to it you desire and enjoy the soft sweet berries.

Goji Supplements and Powders

There are high quality goji berry supplements out there. I think taking a supplement for goji you miss a little bit of the fun in consuming them.

There is goji powder which is a concentrated form of goji that can be added to smoothies and drinks.

I hope I have inspired you to go to the store and pick up these delicious berries. When you pick goji up online or in your local health food store make sure you pick an organic source. Enjoy this delicious herb that is number 1 of all in Chinese medicine.