The Ketogenic Diet

I’ve been researching a lot lately about how to burn fat, sugar, and carbohydrates as your body’s main source of fuel. I found that it is very possible to retrain your body to use fat as its main fuel source through a Ketogenic diet. The transition to a Ketogenic diet is difficult at first, because of the addictiveness of sugar and its presence in so many food products. I started my personal journey off slowly by finding ways I could incorporate more fat into my diet. I know you’re probably thinking “why do I have to eat a stick of butter when I crave sugar?” However, the switch to a Ketogenic diet is gradual, and may be worth dealing with these cravings. Let’s explore what we can consume, how to train our bodies, and what supplements can help in this process.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is when the amount of ketones in the body reaches a high level. At a high level of ketones, the body’s metabolism switches from burning sugar to burning fat. When the body begins to burn fat as fuel, you can begin to lose and manage weight.

What is a Ketone?

A ketone is a chemical compound that the body creates when there is a shortage of insulin. When there is a shortage of insulin in your diet, through consuming less sugar and carbohydrates, then the body makes ketones to burn instead of glucose.

What does a ketone rich diet consist of?

A Ketone rich diet consists of mostly fats and proteins with little to no carbohydrates. Some foods to enjoy and avoid are:

  • Animal fats and proteins including wild caught fish, grass fed beef, and cage free pastured eggs
  • Coconut oil and butter
  • Low glycemic vegetables including green leafs, radishes, onions, leeks,garlic, peppers, and avocados
  • Low sugar fruits like berries, kiwis, and grapefruits
  • No coffee or soda
  • No refined sugars or carbohydrates
  • Lots of water

How do I get started?

  • Start by slowly changing your diet by adding more healthy fats and lean proteins, and slowly transitioning away from being a sugar addict
  • Drink more water, and add some sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to it as well.
  • Breathe and take things gently with grace
  • The body will then begin to detoxify and your metabolism will start to change


There are many types of dietary theories out there and the principles of this diet can be added to any of them. For example, you can be vegan and consume more coconut products, brown rice protein, and avocados, while avoiding carbohydrates like bread and pasta.

I hope I have inspired you to make a healthy and fun transition into eating more fat and protein no matter what your current diet is.