The Mighty Liver

So I think at this point we are very familiar with the liver compared to other organs and unfortunately it’s probably because we drink. I know that I didn’t have a familiarity with this organ until I learned about how the over consumption of alcohol could damage the liver and lead to some health challenges. The liver is a miraculous organ and it does have the ability to regenerate and heal quickly so that’s the good news. Let’s explore today just how much the liver does in the body and how to heal it.

What does the Liver do?

  • Sitting on the right side of your belly with a weight of 3 pounds, the liver is working daily to help filter the blood. Now being a filter for the blood is the main job of the liver, but not the only one.
  • The liver is also one of the body's main detoxifiers helping us get rid of metabolic wastes, chemicals, and drug residues.
  • The liver is a major player in digestion as well, secreting bile that helps break down food and nutrition to nourish the body.
  • The liver also makes proteins in the body that help with blood clotting. Side note: new research has been shown that the liver is critical in protein synthesis.
  • The liver can regenerate itself in the most incredible way. If you were to remove 25% of the liver in surgery it can regrow back to 100% in as little as 4 weeks. The liver is the only organ in the body that has this ability.
  • If the liver is clogged it can affect your hormonal health. The liver can help the body get rid of estrogenic toxins and if the liver is clogged than estrogen can be elevated.

Healing and taking care of the liver:

  • The number one rule to taking care of the liver is to limit or regulate your alcohol consumption. Not just alcohol but also any toxins from foods or chemical exposure to your environment. So the cleaner your environment the cleaner your liver will become.
  • Coffee enemas are a great way to detoxify the liver.
  • Anything that tastes bitter on the tongue will help detoxify the liver and cause it to flush.
  • Taking milk thistle daily will help detoxify the liver and can even help the liver repair from damage that has already happened.
  • Taking bitters before each meal help stimulate the liver. Bitters come in a tincture form with a dropper just a few drops before a meal can help the liver and also improve digestion.
  • My favorite herb on the planet turmeric can help protect the liver and stimulate it to detox.
  • Colonics can also benefit the liver as well helping get rid of the toxic load in the colon.
  • Regulating the consumption of excess protein daily can help the liver as well.


You can see that the liver is a very important organ to take care of. With some thought and care daily we can have a strong and healthy liver even with the occasional drink or splurge. Stay tuned on the next blog we will be looking at organic lifestyles.