The Miracle of Thermography

My first question I want to ask you is do you enjoy getting a mammogram? I think we can agree that the process is uncomfortable and embarrassing. I want to let you know there is an amazing alternative that is safe, effective, and private. This new screening is called Thermography. Thermography uses a camera that measures temperature and can be more accurate than a mammogram and detect cancer up to 2 years earlier. You may be wondering why this is so accurate at detection. Cancer tumor growths are fed by blood and your blood is warm so when a growth is being fed it shows up as a hot spot in the body. This type of detection can be used all over the body, not just the breast. Let’s explore greater how this FDA approved technology can help you and your family detect and prevent health issues in your body.

Thermography Benefits

In a typical mammogram the breast is smashed flat and radiation is shot into it to light up the tumor for detection. This is not a great way to detect cancer since the radiation feeds tumors. There are studies that show you can increase cancer growth by 2% for each mammogram, and if you take that into account year over year, you’re just asking for cancer growth.

Thermography is a safe alternative that doesn't utilize radiation. Instead, thermography uses far infrared technology to detect temperature hot spots in the body.

Hot spots are any condition of inflammation in the body, not just in the breast. This detection can be used in men and women to detect a variety of ailments including.

  • Joint pain
  • Cancer detection in organs
  • Immuno compromises
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • And much more


Thermography is a much safer alternative than your standard mammogram. This month in October is breast health awareness, and Living Springs has a deal for 50 dollars off your thermography session for your breast or whole body. Just mention you read this blog to receive your discount. Living Springs believes in a whole health model helping nourish the spirit, soul and body. Visit Living Springs to have a spa-like experience were you can heal and thrive