The Power of CLA

So you may have heard the buzz about CLA or conjugated linoleic acid on Doctor Oz or the six o'clock news. The news reports it’s a miracle weight loss supplement and is very effective. Well, I have news for everyone - it is a really effective tool for helping you lose weight, but it also offers many more benefits than just that. Let’s dive deep into this amazing fatty acid and how it helps you lose weight, prevent cancer, and help with everything from high blood pressure to cardiovascular disease.

Weight Loss Miracle:

I want to start off by saying that there is no miracle product. There are only tools that we can add in to help get us to where we need to be. The core of this product's effectiveness is the ability to help you lose weight. We need to remember though that the study with this amazing acid was also coupled with moderate exercise and a healthy diet.

  • By taking CLA daily, studies show an average of 1 pound of body fat lost and preserved muscle tissue at the same time.
  • I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but a gradual decrease is much better than crash dieting or extremes.
  • CLA is most commonly found in grass fed butter and beef. This goes back to our previous blogs were we discuss the Weston A. Price diet and ketosis.
  • Remember to add in plenty of healthy fats and oils to your diet daily to help you lose weight and feel amazing!Better blood sugar:

Better Blood Sugar:

CLA actually helps to stabilize blood sugar. This stabilization can do two amazing things: help cut the cravings for carbs and sugary foods. This takes our bodies out of an insulin resistant state, helping support the body’s ability to regulate glucose metabolism.

This better blood sugar is important to get in control, as we in America are acclimated to consuming sweets and high carb foods daily.

Fats are carbs worst enemy!


There are two amazing sources, grass-fed beef and safflower oil.

  • Grass-fed beef is high in CLA and also omega 3s that feed the central nervous system and help us feel amazing.
  • Safflower oil is a vegan option. You need to make sure it is from an organic and non-GMO source. Most supplements you will see on the market are made from this source and need to be inspected to make sure they are pure.
  • We need to remember not just with CLA, but any supplement or food choice we make needs to be organic and in its purest form.


CLA can be very beneficial if consumed daily. Always remember to add in these supplements to a healthy diet and exercise routine. I hope everyone has a blessed day and stay tuned to the next blog where we'll be discussing the power of exercise.