The Power of Colostrum

To many, the idea of milking a cow and drinking raw, unpasteurized milk may seem crazy, but just wait until you hear about the amazing health benefits you could experience. There are so many complex and powerful medicinal substances wrapped up in this convenient and delicious beverage, you’ll want to drink it daily! In this article, I want to break the myth that dairy is bad for you. However, I am not advocating the use of pasteurized, homogenized, hormone-filled milk from the grocery store. I am talking about raw, fresh, pasture-raised, grass-fed milk and colostrum that contain probiotics, IgG, transfer factor, and many more healing components. If you don’t have time to milk a cow everyday, you can find high quality supplements made from fresh colostrum. Even if you have dairy allergies you won’t have a reaction to colostrum because it’s so easily digestible. Let’s explore the benefits of colostrum and how it can improve our health.

The Benefits of Colostrum

Immune System

  • Colostrum contains IgG, which is an immunoglobulin.
  • These substances help regulate the immune system.
  • These substances help protect the gut by creating a healthy microbial barrier.
  • These substances also contain transfer factor, which is an innate immune system substance only found in mother's breast milk.

Weight Management

  • Colostrum can stimulate the hormonal system to help build a healthy hormone profile.
  • There are unique growth factors within colostrum that have been shown in studies to help regulate weight and build strong lean muscle mass.
  • Growth factors also help athletes with recovery and can slow down protein catabolism.

Digestive Health

  • Colostrum is mostly known for its ability to heal and repair the gut and its bacteria profile.
  • People suffering from ongoing digestive issues can benefit from taking colostrum. Colostrum can repair and heal the esophagus and stomach lining from acid reflux damage.
  • Colostrum can help increase your probiotics and change the gut terrain to be friendlier to probiotics.

Brain Health

  • Colostrum can help boost serotonin and brain function by affecting your digestive system. New research shows that the gut is the second brain, and plays a vital role in producing brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.
  • When your gut health is in order, you absorb nutrition at a greater level.

These are the reasons I recommend this amazing substance. There are many great companies that make colostrum supplements in capsule form, but I recommend you contact a local dairy farm. I hope you experience the amazing benefits from this delicious and nutritious substance.