The Power of Homeopathic

The highly effective and controversial medicine of the 21st century is homeopathic. Homeopathy has been practiced over the past 200 years. Homeopathy is the scientific practice of diluting medicinal herbs and increasing their vibratory frequency so that our body reacts to the substance without getting any toxic substance of the plant phytochemicals. I have experienced some pretty powerful effects from the use of these substances, and have also found that some people don’t respond very well to homeopathy. The people who don’t respond well usually believe that the science behind homeopathy is invalid, and do not think it works. Some people also don’t have a really strong constitution and the subtle vibratory frequencies are not strong enough to penetrate their bodies to make a strong physiological change. Medicine works better if you believe in it. Hopefully after reading today's blog I can convince you that homeopathy is a real scientific and powerful medicine. We will explore formulations, and common formulas.


If you went into the store today, you would be so confused about the strength and use of all the homeopathic choices. I want to break down what you will see on the label so you can be educated in the decision of which homeopathic formulation is right for you.

  • cc strength is the amount of times an herbal, mineral, or animal substances has been diluted. For example a 30c Arnica Montana means that it was diluted 30 times before being bottled.

Common strengths include:

6c or 6x

  • A low dilution solution that is used for local symptoms you can point a finger at, like an insect bite or a bruise.

30c or 30x

  • Considered a high dilution that is used to relieve general symptoms that are in more than one location, like muscle aches.


  • A high dilution used for general symptoms like muscle aches.

All the formulas are effective and I suggest you experiment to see what strength works best for you.

Most Common Formulas

Arnica Montana

  • This is an anti-inflammatory homeopathic that can help speed up the healing of bruises and muscle aches pains as well as arthritis.
  • Arnica comes in a cream or gel and tabs you can take internally.
  • It is used by millions and studies show it to be more effective than your standard non-steroidal anti-inflammatory like Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Chamomilla (chamomile)

  • This helps you sleep and stay calm, and is also great for children who are teething or have colic.

Nux Vomica

  • This is great for when you overeat or overindulge in alcohol, and can help reduce the cravings and effects.


I hope I have inspired you to give homeopathic a try. In European countries they consider homeopathic as pharmaceutical drugs they work so well. Stay tuned for my next blog where we will discuss frontotemporal dementia, a subject that is near and dear to my heart.