The Ultimate Colon Cleanse

In the health world, this has to be one of my favorite subjects on the planet. The colon environment affects every aspect of the body. In our day and age of the high stress and fast food culture, our colons are suffering. It’s time to start taking care of our colons, and find out what are the best ways to do so. So I know that there are a lot of supplements and powders out there that help but are not the optimal way to cleanse. So what’s the best way to clean the colon? Two words Colonics and Enemas.

Colonic Benefit:

  • When I was younger I used to have terrible constipation and was a really sick kid because of it. My mom used to give me enemas which most likely saved my life keeping my colon clean. Well as I got older I learned that there was a more efficient way for me to clean my colon and that was to get a colonic.
  • Colonics consist of you having a lubricated tube inserted into your anus and warm water slowly pumped into it then released. The colonic machines have a cycling motion to ensure safety and purity.
  • You will have more energy and feel amazing after a colonic. Some of us are walking around with 5 plus pounds of extra fecal material in our colon.
  • Weight loss is usually achieved due to dropping extra fecal materials.
  • Knowing that the immune system and lymphatic system are largely based in the colon both of these systems get a reboot.
  • Instead of buying expensive supplements I would suggest investing in a colonic and you will see a great benefit.

Enema Benefit:

  • If colonics are too costly there are great ways to get the same benefit at home with enemas. As I mentioned above this saved my life when I was younger.
  • You can purchase an enema kit from any pharmacy and it consist of a bag you fill with pure warm water and a tube to insert in the anus.
  • Enemas are great because they can be done in the comfort of your own home. They are also convenient because you can do them daily if you want to and it will cost you water and time only.
  • When giving yourself an enema you can use things like coffee and even wheatgrass to get these substances directly in the colon.
  • Coffee enemas directly help the liver and detoxify the body from heavy metals by boosting indigenous glutathione.


I know this subject may be considered gross but it is a very relevant issue in the health community. There has been a rise of colon cancers and issues like IBS, Chrons, and Colitis in America. We hope that the things we teach in our blog will empower you or your family to prevent or even overcome these conditions. Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be talking all about the liver and how we can radically change our health by helping support this organ.