Turmeric Power!

If you want to radically change your health, then I would start taking turmeric today! if you think that’s a bold statement just wait till you read this blog. We have had some incredible studies come out explaining just how powerful this herb really is. Everything from your daily health of your joints and immune system to more complex things like cancer can be improved through taking this amazing herb. Today we are going to explore the many benefits of this incredible herb.

What make turmeric so powerful?

Turmeric contains unique phytochemicals called curcumin. Curcumin is the secret substance that can reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. The rich yellowish orange color of the turmeric root is showing you how many antioxidants this herb contains.

Turmeric is Superior to Medications!

So studies are beginning to show that the follow medications do not come even close to the effectiveness of the turmeric root.

  • Steroids
  • Pain Killers
  • Cholesterol drugs
  • Anti-coagulants
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anti-depressants
  • Diabetes medications
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

Drugs like anti-inflammatory or pain killers work to reduce inflammation and thus reducing pain. These class of drugs can be hard on the liver and not something you should be taking daily to mask your real symptoms. Turmeric will reduce inflammation at the source and is safe to take daily with no side effects.

Anti-depressants have some serious side effects. Turmeric has been showed to increase serotonin in the brain elevating your mood.

Arthritis medication which have a long term of risking your body to develop leaky gut or heart disease. Taking turmeric can reduce pain and inflammation so well that even people who suffer from RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) can have dramatic results compared to the generic drugs.

Turmeric Against Cancer

Turmeric is a great ally in the fight against cancer. Turmeric has been showed in numerous studies to cause apoptosis or death to cancer cells. Cancers like breast, bowel, stomach and skin have all showed positive outcomes in allowing the body to heal itself faster from these diseases.

  • Even if the individual is on chemo he or she can benefit from taking turmeric alongside their treatment plan. Studies show that turmeric and chemo together killed more cancer cells than just chemo alone.
  • The latest studies are showing that turmeric not only kills cancer cells but it can stop the growth, and prevent it from spreading.

Turmeric is so gentle on the body. I really like that you can take this herb daily and only feel better and better each day.

Turmeric supplement recommendations:

I recommend taking a turmeric supplement that has a 95% standardized curcumin content. This way you know that you are getting a consistent dose daily of the phytochemical and whole herb together.

  • I like taking a product by Gaia Herbs called turmeric supreme.


I hope that I have encouraged you to start taking this incredible herb daily. I have reaped the benefits of this herb over the last 6 years of my life. Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be exploring the awesome world of medicinal mushrooms.