Turmeric the wonder herb

Turmeric - The Anti-Inflammatory King

The root herb, turmeric is my favorite dietary supplement on planet earth. Turmeric can help support multiple conditions. When I first began to eat turmeric and take a supplement I started experiencing some amazing benefits really quickly. Let’s explore how introducing turmeric in your diet can change your health, vitality and add years to your life.


Inflammation is the root cause of most diseases in America today. We induce our own inflammation daily through poor diet, lack of exercise, clean water, and too many omega 6 fatty acids. Inflammation can manifest itself in many ways. The way that I have seen is any condition that ends in Itits like Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis and the list goes on to over 100 different types. Turmeric can help support anyone with these conditions.

  • Curcumin is the phytochemical substance in turmeric that has such a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It is consider as strong as pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Curcumin is a very powerful antioxidant however when you eat turmeric you only absorb about 3% of this substance. I recommend finding a supplement that has a standardized extract of 95% curcuminoids.
  • Curcumin is a side effect free supplement to help control and manage inflammation in the body.


Who knew that this root would have the ability to prevent and in some studies treat certain cancerous condition in the body? I take turmeric every day for its anti-cancer benefits. If you know someone who’s suffering please talk to your doctor about adding turmeric. There are several published studies on the matter and even a conventional doctor would consider adding this in to an existing treatment plan.

  • Curcumin has been shown to prevent digestive cancers like colorectal cancer. My believe is that most digestive issues and even cancers are created by inflammation. Turmeric will begin to support those conditions immediately.
  • Curcumin helps clients in a gentle and effective way. When it comes to serious issues and conditions like cancer always consult with your doctor.


Turmeric supports your immune system in overcoming infections and recovering from illnesses. When viruses or bacteria invade our system, the body begins to fight them off. It starts a cascade of systemic actions to help get the body back to homeostasis. If there is any inflammation present in the body your immune system will struggle to function optimally.

  • Just the anti-inflammatory benefits alone can help support the body’s immune reaction, freeing up more of your immune system to fight off infections. Since taking turmeric, it has been months since I have had any sort of immune challenge.
  • A huge role turmeric plays is reducing histamines and allergies in the body that can trigger immune system reaction. When taking turmeric daily you should notice a decrease in allergies of all kinds.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to this amazing herb. I hope you will give it a try and you can experience all the benefits above.