Water Detox

The most powerful substance for your health is the water you drink. The water that we drink can be used to detox every organ of the body. I have had more amazing results in clients by just changing the type and amount of water they are drinking. I have had amazing results in my own body from this change like better skin, more fluid joints, and no more acid reflux. I want to explore today how we can make some dramatic steps towards health by using nature’s solution to pollution which is dilution. I want to preface that we are going to be choosing a high quality filtered water with minerals like Mountain Valley Spring water, or if you’re on a budget, using distilled water and adding a pinch of Himalaya salt to it.

Water Fasting

The benefits of water fasting are immense and life changing. If we adopt this principle once a week or once a month we can see dramatic shifts in our bodies.

  • When water fasting I recommend salting your water to maintain electrolytes and proper brain balance during your cleanse.
  • I don’t recommend more than a 3 day period for this type of detox.
  • You will reset your metabolism and start getting rid of fat soluble toxins.
  • You will clean your colon and allow your digestive system to rest, increasing your energy levels.
  • From the spiritual side it will bring out emotions and conditions that we hide with the comfort that food brings us.

Detox Baths

Water can be used to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body and change your skin health dramatically.

  • When starting detox baths I recommend getting a shower or bath filter so we start with clean water.
  • I love to add bentonite clay powder to my bath to detoxify the body through the skin.
  • When warm water opens the pores, the clay draws toxins outs and traps them in the clay, and then down the drain it will go!
  • I also love to add Epsom salt or even better Himalaya pink salt in large amounts like 2 cups in a bath.
  • Salt can really nourish the skin and help give minerals to the body transdermal.
  • Salt in the steam as you take a bath can heal your lungs in a practice called Halo therapy.

Water-Based Drinks

It goes without saying that water is the best medium for extracting your favorite herbal teas, coffee, and tonics.

  • I recommend drinking herbal caffeine-free tea made with high quality water as an alternative to the excess coffee I’m guilty of drinking at times.
  • You can make great things like chia water by taking 16 ounces of water and 1 tbsp. of chia seeds mixing together and letting set for 15min.
  • This is a great digestive tonic and fiber supplement


As you can see water can change your life dramatically. I hope I have inspired you to indulge in these detoxes and appreciate water more for what it can do.