Weed, Seed, and Feed

Let’s get ready to detox! I love to follow this protocol to weed, seed, and feed our microbiome in the digestive system. So here’s a shocking fact that you might not know: every 3 days your stomach lining sheds and you get a whole new one. We can completely transform our bodies health and wellness by learning how to properly weed out the pathogenic bacteria, seed or renewing your system with good flora, and feeding the new flora with the right diet. Let’s explore how we can perform this in our everyday life.


In order to weed out the pathogenic bacteria we need to take herbs and change our diet to destroy them in our gut.

  • I would suggest changing your diet first. We will start gradually by removing processed foods and replacing them with whole unprocessed fruits and vegetables. I suggest looking at some of our earlier blogs where we go in depth about these diet changes.

Here is a list of supplements you can take to destroy parasites, fungi, and bacteria throughout the body.

  • Wormwood, clove, and green walnut hull is the best formula to kill parasites at all stages. I recommend that you get tincture from your local health food store and take it for a full month.
  • Oregon grape root is a very strong herb to kill bad bacteria in the colon and will really boost your immune system.
  • Red marine algae which is nature’s most potent anti-viral supplement.

If you don’t clean up your diet during this phase you can risk feeling sick during the die off stage of each one of these.

After implementing the above changes, you are now ready after about 30 days to start the seed phase.


By this time, we have cleaned our diet up and most of the pathogenic bacteria have died off. We are now ready to seed the gut with good bacteria to create a good environment so the pathogenic bacteria can’t invade again.

  • We will start by adding fermented foods into our diet. When I say fermented foods I am not talking about beer or wine which is filled with sugar and allergens. I am talking about kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and kefir.
  • We will also add in a high-quality probiotic. The probiotic should be at least 100 billion CFU with scientific strains.

The seed phase will last another 30 days.


So now that we are on this clean diet and we are filled with good bacteria it’s time to learn how to maintain it.

  • We need to add in plenty of raw vegetables as they contain a substance called inulin which is a natural sugar that feeds good bacteria.
  • We can add in a fiber supplement like organic psyllium powder and chia powder.
  • We can add an inulin supplement like Fructooligosaccharides or FOS for short.

This should help maintain the entire digestive system.

The feed phase should last a lifetime.


I hope that you feel amazing after this reset. Stay tuned next week when we discuss probiotics and the unbelievable things they can do in the body.