NuCalm Dentist
NuCalm Stress Free Dentist

NuCalm® is a patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs

NuCalm gives you the power and control to slow down and recharge when you need it. By guiding you to deep relaxation – NuCalm allows your mind and body to relax, recover, and restore. On NuCalm your body idles in the optimal healing state. This allows you to recover and rebuild quickly. The physiological benefits of deep relaxation include:

  • Reduced stress (lowers cortisol production)
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved immune system, heart health, and respiratory health
  • Improved attention and memory
  • Normalized circadian rhythms
  • Enhanced creativity and focus

NuCalm is comprised of four scientifically sequenced components that synergistically work on the GABAergic system to interrupt the adrenaline response and rapidly guide the brain to a deeply relaxed state.

4 Simple Steps:

  • Apply NuCalm Cream
  • Apply a CES patch behind each ear and use microcurrent to facilitate relaxation.
  • Fit headphones, turn on NuCalm software, and adjust volume.
  • Put on eye mask or glasses.

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